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Ethical Worksheet

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Justify the Value’s Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Religion/Christianity Growing up I would go to church but I did not become a Christian until later on in my life. Being a Christian keeps me grounded. If I was not a Christian, in making any decisions I do not believe I would make the correct decision. I place religion at the top of my list because without God in my life I would not be able to handle the day to day situations. If I face any problems or conflicts personal or with my organization, I pray about it first. I then respond. If I did not pray or seek the Lord I do not know what would happen.

Family Growing up, my parents trained me to do the right things. Family is about raising children, being discipline, and getting along with each other. I was trained that honesty/integrity, respect, and hard work will help to accomplish whatever goals I set before me to do. I place family second on my list because family is very significant to me. Having a family makes me strive harder in doing the things I need to do to raise my family. People at work are like a family/team. I have to work with others to accomplish a task.

Honesty/Integrity I was trained to always be honest and show integrity. Honesty keeps people out of trouble. People will admire me if I am honest. I place honesty third on my list. Honesty/integrity goes alongside with respect. One can achieve a great deal in life by being honest and having integrity. No trust means no relationship personally or in an organization.

Respect My experience in gaining respect is I have to provide respect. Treat others as I would want to be treated. This is how I was raised. Even if someone disrespects me, I will



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