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Ethical Filter Worksheet

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Essay Preview: Ethical Filter Worksheet

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Ethical Filter Worksheet

MBA/500: Foundations of Problem-Based Learning

University of Phoenix

Ethical Filter Worksheet

Value Personal Source

with Examples Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.


Personal Gain EXAMPLE

My experience is that you have to look out for your own welfare first. I watched my father get laid off without a pension two weeks before his retirement point. He was so honest; he never even took a pencil home from work. I think he should have resigned earlier and taken a few clients with him to start his own firm. That is the least the company owed him for his years of service. EXAMPLE

I placed personal gain at the top of the list because I believe that in all situations, whether they reflect life or work challenges, that personal gain is the most important guiding value. My most important value is to look out for number one first and foremost. Sometimes being totally out for personal gain can hurt another's feelings or alienate a business partner, but at least what is important to you will be addressed. After all, it is all about me.

Financial Gain

For years, I accepted low wage positions just to ensure that my bills would be paid; however, in recent years, I developed this mindset to only position myself for higher end positions, due to my technical background and skills. My personal thought is that no one works because they simply want to. I have the ideology that it is always about capital gain. The more you gain the better off life is for you. I truly deem that financial gain is a guiding value for most individuals. Many times there, are challenges for this value such as having to accept or reject a lower paying job and having to push to obtain an advancement or increased salary. I placed financial gain at the top of my list because everything that I do in life is eventually reflected around creating capital wealth for myself as well as for my family. Financial gain ensures me that my family will not have to endure those same struggles.

Integrity Integrity means having the courage to put yourself and your beliefs on the line, which is something I have always, strive to do within the workplace and outside the workplace. I have seen many people within the company lose their job due to the lack of integrity they have shown to the company. By acting with integrity, I gained the respect and confidence from management. Managers trust that I would keep all of our meetings and correspondence confidential due to my value to integrity. I placed integrity next of my list because I believe that acting with integrity is a fundamental value in any ethical decision. To me, integrity is one of the vast aspects of personality, which has a drastic impact on one's mind. To be impeccably



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