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Ethical Filter Worksheet

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Value Personal Sourcewith Examples Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Integrity My mother constantly was telling me growing up to live my life with integrity and under the "golden rule" ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"). In school I found that other children teased me by calling me stupid, because of a learning disability I have. I never showed aggression towards these children. I instead showed integrity and worked harder at showing them that they were wrong. Integrity is the highest on my list because it encompasses ethics, morals, and values. If you are dishonest, a liar, or cheater no one will trust or respect you. Integrity gives you a strong character that people look up to.

Respect My experience has been if you show respect, then you will be respected. I worked on a team project where the self appointed leader never considered any of the ideas of the rest of the team. Eventually, the group did not look to the leader for direction anymore. Instead they began brainstorming on ideas and excluded the leader. The leader lost the respect and control of the team. Respect is placed second on my list because it is imperative for productivity, control, and success of any business. To gain respect you must earn it. It is shown through actions, verbalized with words, and seen with body language.

Communication At an early age we begin to express ourselves so that others understand our needs. My supervisor requires that we write down our goals, accomplishments, and expectations every quarter. She reviews them and may ask for clarity. This listing is used to ensure that my goals, accomplishments, and expectations are in line with department's views. It promotes communication between the supervisor and subordinate. It provides a clear picture and leaves no room for questions. Communication is third on my list because it is imperative to be able to articulate your ideas, thoughts, and feelings in order to achieve your goals. For others to understand, communication must be clear and precise.

Responsibility Responsibility means you are accountable for your actions. I am responsible for purchasing goods and/ or services and writing contracts by specific deadlines. If



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