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Ethical Filter Worksheet

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Value Personal Source Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Integrity My personal source of this value was taught by my mother and grandmother I believe this principle is critically important because it helps guide me to do all things without compromising my beliefs. At times this is difficult because I my personal standards are not always embraced by the company.

Honesty This value was taught by my mother and grandmother This principle is essential as it keeps me accountable to others. It can pose some level of difficulty when dealing with certain situations it may seem easier to be dishonest than truthful.

Adaptability This value was taught by my mentor. This principle is of value because I believe that I must be flexible in meeting the demands of the company, staff and position classification. This is a challenging principle as I feel that I am always adapting, and sometimes not able to maintain consistency.

Character My personal source of this value was taught by mentor. This principle is essential to my future success because it reminds me that my values cannot be bought or sold, but the true character of who I am is embedded within. This is difficult because although I want to be true to myself, I have to be mindful that the companies identity is the priority.

Sensitivity My personal source of this was taught by my first job. This principle allows me to be consciously aware of the needs of my staff. This is difficult because I feel that others may try to take advantage of me if I appear to bend on every issue.



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