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Ethical Filter Worksheet

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Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Optimism I believe this value was developed early in grade school as I observed both negative and positive behaviors in the classroom. I was inspired by optimistic role models and teachers who taught me to 'carry my own weather with me' as a child. Going forward, I have tried to adhere to an optimistic outlook towards life in general. This is my most important value because it helps me to keep focused on the positive and to avoid becoming easily discouraged by the many negative people and events in life. I find that this value helps guide me in the workplace in many ways. Co-workers, subordinates, and managers are often inspired by a person who can maintain a healthy outlook on life, despite challenges. As a positive person it is easier to attract new colleagues and allies at an organization. In addition, optimism in the workplace allows people to see 'opportunities' where there are problems and put a positive spin on even the most precarious of situations. This value has understandably enhanced my previous roles in both marketing and sales.

A Strong Work Ethic It has been my experience that the value of maintaining a strong work ethic requires being diligent and self driven to perform above and beyond expectations. This trait was also developed in childhood as I learned from my father that there is no substitute for hard work and striving to do one's best. This was reflected in his dedication to work hard to pay for our home and for his children to have a chance to succeed. Mimicking this ethic, it began to reflect in my performance at school and at home as I worked very hard to obtain the recognition of teachers and coaches. A strong work ethic is also very important in the workplace, and it is an valuable complement to someone who also maintains a positive attitude. In the employment setting this value includes being a 'self-starter' and being able to perform well under pressure. Most managers would agree that the diligent and hard-working employee is preferred to the employee who simply 'clocks in, works, and clocks out' without adding the extra effort that can add to the bottom line. Just yesterday, 2/7/2007, I was complimented on my strong work ethic and told how this played a significant role in very positive quarterly evaluations.

Creativity I hold the value of creativity very dear. It is the value that I believe best sets me apart in self expression and individualism. I have relied upon this value for many years. I have learned, primarily through trial and error, that it is better to 'work smart' and come up with creative, out-of-the-box ideas than to just put your head down and do what you are told. I was always creative as a child in art, writing, and play, but I learned to apply this creativity in work to become resourceful, and this has helped me to be much more successful in the workplace. I cannot say that I was inspired to build on this value, but it was rewarded and encouraged throughout my education and career until it became a value that helps to define who I am. Creativity has proven to be an important value in my employment throughout the years. Although optimism and a strong work ethic served to earned me respect at work, it my value of creativity that has allowed me to become noticed



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