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Ethical Filter Worksheet

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Honesty and Integrity Being honest and having integrity in everything that I do is a value that was taught at an early age. Being honest to parents, family and teachers were important. My parents were role models who never drank, smoke or lied. Striving to live day to day with Integrity. I placed this at the top of my list because being honest and someone with integrity is a value that people respect in both personal and business relationships. If people can trust your word or actions it will make working with them very easy.

At times, people will try to challenge this value and test one's will.

Treat others with respect-or as you would like to be treated Treat people as you would like to be treated is a value that I learned early in my career. People who know that you will treat them with respect are willing to offer the same level of respect to you. As a JR Accountant my first manager treated me with disrespect and did not allow personal or professional growth. My moral and willingness to grow with the organization had decreased. I vowed that I would not treat others the way I had been treated. Treating others with respect is a logical value to follow honesty.

You can not treat others with respect if you are not honest with them.

Respect is earned and not granted, to everyone. Treating others as you would treat yourself or family is a good gauge. People who do not reciprocate respect should not get it in return. This value can be mistaken as a weakness and others can try to take advantage of you.

Work smarter not harder My father always was finding ways to make his life easier. Never accepting a process, task, or duty as it was. Being creative to find ways to make things easier and more productive. I used this value early on in my career and still find it important today. Finding ways to use technology to automate processes. Using excel formulas to make data analysis



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