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Ethical Filter Worksheet

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Ethical Filter Worksheet


Personal Source

with Examples

Justify the Value's Position in the List. Include any challenges to employing these values consistently when making personal and organizational decisions.

Adhering to Policies and Procedures My personal experience with managing adherence to policies and procedures included responding to an accounting audit of the company's ERP system controls and accounting records and financial statements. In order to prove that controls were in place to prevent fraudulent accounting transactions, records of our department's policies and procedures had to accompany any request for transaction analysis. Luckily, policies and procedures were kept up to date the auditors were pleased and made no recommendations for improvement. I believe that adhering to policies and procedures in the workplace is the most important value in business decision making because the policies and procedures guide the day-to-day activities of the company, as well set the precedence for employees to maintain ethical and compliant behavior in the company. As a leader of the company I am expected to make sure employees are familiar with the policies and procedures relevant to their job responsibilities. I am also responsible to provide training on how policies and procedures are best implemented.

A challenge that presents itself from enabling me to be consistent in monitoring conformity to policies and procedures is the need to implement a metrics system that will monitor the progress of transactions that are not following guidelines. I have a big challenge to develop and implement the metrics system.

Maintaining a Safe Working Environment My personal experience with maintaining a safe working environment was a result of an unfortunate incident that occurred in the office. An employee tripped over an opened cabinet that was left open in a hallway, and as a result, he injured knee ligaments and missed substantial work time.

The result of that and another safety incident inspired me and other management to implement monthly and quarterly safety checklists. I believe that maintaining a safe working environment in the workplace is a very important value in business decision making because it reduces the risk of injuries and lost work time. Maintaining a safe working environment is my second most important value in business decision making.

Oftentimes people do not think safety in the office is as important as safety on a construction work site. I take safety very seriously in the office by ensuring the following items are checked on a monthly basis: make sure emergency exits are clear and marked, do not leave any trash in the hallway, large file cabinets are secured to a wall, loose cables or wires cannot be exposed in work areas or on the floor, do not place any large or heavy items on top of cabinets or credenzas, and always follow building, fire, and safety codes.

A challenge that presents itself from enabling me to be consistent in maintaining a safe working environment is that the company does not have strict rules that enforce office safety; therefore, making it more difficult to enforce my policies and reprimand employees who are not in conformity.

Recognizing and Valuing Diversity My experience with recognizing and valuing diversity has increased since I have achieved higher level management positions throughout my career.

At the beginning of every department meeting diversity and a safety topic must be discussed. The diversity and safety topics can cover workplace situations or personal situations and they have been established to foster a broader knowledge base of diversity and safety.

Over the past ten years I have become better educated in diversity topics and have recognized the importance of including each employee's beliefs and culture in meetings and discussions.

Recognizing and valuing diversity in the workplace is a very important value in business decision making. At my company there is an increasing need to recognize every employees' religious and cultural backgrounds because each department is made up of many different cultures and women outnumber men in the office. The customers and vendors the company does business include people of different races, genders, ages, ethnic backgrounds, and lifestyles; and by embracing diversity; it will open doors in the marketplace.

A challenge that presents itself from enabling the company and I to recognize and value diversity on a consistent basis is the ability to respect and honor different holidays and religious days of worship. There needs more emphasis to be placed on valuing diversity because



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