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  • Scientific Method

    Scientific Method

    Scientific method what comes to mind? Do we start thinking of some type of formal process that will answer all our scientific questions or problems? When I was in school many years ago, we were taught that scientists go through a series of steps to find a solution to

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  • Scrum in Indian It Ecosystem

    Scrum in Indian It Ecosystem

    Back in 2010-11 when Scrum was just picking up in the Indian IT ecosystem, I did a little digging around with the help of our best friend "Google" and many of the things looked alien. The way we have been taught as to how Software/IT delivery works (the waterfall way),

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  • Sdd


    As the world becomes more and more reliant on computers the computer hacking industry is greatly rising. With people such as Kevin Mitnick, who is known as a "computer terrorist" (Kjochaiche 1), computerized information isn't safe any more. Kevin is known as "the most high-profiled computer criminal and responsible for

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  • Se Roles

    Se Roles

    Systems Engineer Career James A. Lagermann GEN 300 Skills for Professional Development Curt Crandall 27 February 2006 Systems Engineer The title of Systems Engineer is very widely used and until about 10 years ago, it was only used by individuals with degrees in the engineering field. Today it is

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  • Search Engines

    Search Engines

    Internet commerce is one of the fastest growing industries today. With the wide range of capabilities the web has it make it easier and cost efficient for businesses to make transactions with other businesses. One factor that allows businesses to find each other is search engines. Search engines are

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  • Search Engines

    Search Engines

    Search Engines are specialized programs that facilitate the retrieval of data from the Internet, on a business related network or on a personal computer system. They allow users to ask for contents meeting certain criteria usually involving a certain word or phrase, then gives a list of articles that matches

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  • Searching For Utopia

    Searching For Utopia

    I have always imagined of a never- found-land where there is no room for sorrow, only joy prevails. Where is that place on earth? Anywhere. You just imagine, and here it is just next to you. It's the positive thought that lets you believe that you have created a warm

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  • Secure Network Architecture

    Secure Network Architecture

    The security of your network is evaluated daily. A rich question to ask is, "Are you the one doing it?" The answer, hopefully, is that someone on your side is involved in assessing the effectiveness of your defenses; however, overwhelming evidence reports that you are not the only party probing

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  • Security


    Security Security is essential to maintain a functioning network and productive employees. These security recommendations should be implemented to ensure a safe and secure operating network where there are minimal fears from outside influences such as viruses, spam and hacking activities. An electronic workplace policy will be implemented to protect

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  • Security


    2. What is the difference between vulnerability and exposure? Vulnerability is a weakness or a fault within the system, such as software package flaws, unlocked doors, or an unprotected system port. Vulnerability leaves things open to an attack or damage. Exposure on the other hand, is a single instance when

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  • Security And The Osi Model

    Security And The Osi Model

    Security and the OSI Model Network security is a topic that reaches far beyond the realm of firewalls, passwords, and user ID accounts. For a network and data to remain secure there must be protective measures at each level in the OSI interconnect model. While each layer basically operates

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  • Security at Login Level

    Security at Login Level

    ________________ Table of Contents SECURITY AT LOGIN LEVEL 1 To login to T24, an employee needs to input a sign on name and password. 1 PROFILE CREATION AND AMENDMENT 2 How to create user profile/record in the USER application. 2 PASSWORD RESET 7 Password Complexity 8 HOW TO START JBOSS

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  • Security Awareness For Teens

    Security Awareness For Teens

    Hacking nowadays are more skillful, they uses several types of intrusion from a system. Some puts virus in order to destroy the system some are getting bypass by the use of codes and algorithms. Now talking about hacking the people behind that are what we called hackers. Now in hacker

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  • Security Flaws in Windows 7 and Potential Loop-Holes for Exploit

    Security Flaws in Windows 7 and Potential Loop-Holes for Exploit

    Security Flaws in Windows 7 and potential loop-holes for exploit: The user-account control (UAC) privileges in Windows 7 has drawn debates for security issues, and why not as it is an extremely sensitive issue. UAC in Windows 7 is a feature which prompts a user for admin privileges for any

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  • Security Terminology

    Security Terminology

    Security Terminology Define the following terms: 1. Authentication - ability to identify who it is a. ACL - (access control list) is associated w/ a given resource. Describes groups, users, machines and their permissions associated with that particular resource. i. Token- one time only password key b. CA- certificate

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  • Sega & Nintendo 5 Forces

    Sega & Nintendo 5 Forces

    Five Forces Analysis of the Computer Games Industry(NINTENDO) As explained by porter the five forces framework helps to identify the sources of competition in an industry/sector вЂ"(the competitive environment) Customers Since console manufacturers suggest retail prices over entire countries or regions, individual customers have no bargaining power. Software purchased for

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  • Segmentation and Replication of a Database

    Segmentation and Replication of a Database

    Segmentation Schemes of Databases Guru Prakash Reddy Thuthipattu MSc. in Data Analytics – Full Time National College of Ireland Dublin, Ireland Abstract—Segmentation and Replication of a database is one of the major factors that affects the performance of a data warehouse and in this paper we explore the different

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  • Seismic Fragility Using Response Surface Methodology

    Seismic Fragility Using Response Surface Methodology

    Seismic Fragility Analysis Using Response Surface Methodology Course Project Report by Aditya Jhunjhunwala (Roll No. 130040006) Department of Civil Engineering Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Mumbai 400076 (India) ________________ Abstract Seismic risk assessment of buildings is important for calculating the loss of functionality of the building in the event of

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  • Selection of an off-Highway Vehicle Using Customer Perspectives

    Selection of an off-Highway Vehicle Using Customer Perspectives

    Selection of an off-highway vehicle using customer perspectives Pradeep Kumar Tarei* and Amitava Ray2 2Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering. National Institute of Technology, Silchar.788010.INDIA Abstract The selection of a proper off-highway vehicle plays a vital role especially for a construction company . It requires the detail brain storming analysis

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  • Self Esteem

    Self Esteem

    Positive Self-Esteem: Necessary? Low self-esteem is one of the worst problems teenagers suffer from. We live in a society where one has to 'fit in' or 'be cool'. If we don't wear the right clothes, with the right labels, we are called 'losers'. Today's young women don't look anyone in

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  • Self Exams

    Self Exams

    This is a classic cost-of-capital and capital allocation case. There are lots of questions that can be asked but the core issues are: • does debt change the potential value of the firm? This is the implicit argument that the Rick Phillips, Exec VP of Telecommunications Services, makes in his

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  • Self Service Technology

    Self Service Technology

    Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study 1.1.1 Self Service Technology (SST) 1.1.2 Hypermarket Retailing 1.1.3 Grocery Online Shopping (GOS) 1.3 Background of the Company 1.3.1 Tesco Stores (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd 1.3.2 Tesco’s GOS 1.2 Problem Statement 1.3 Research Objective 1.4 Research Questions 1.5 Scope

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  • Semiotics


    Semiotics Summary For each of us and for organisations in general the effective use of information is a critical success factor. You only need to think of the assignments you need to complete and the demand for a diverse and unified communication of information being required. There are two broad

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  • Sequential Gearboxes

    Sequential Gearboxes

    Running Head: SEQUENTIAL GEARBOXES Abstract This paper will discuss the technology of sequential gearboxes. Relatively new technology, the sequential gearbox has been applied mostly in ATV's, motorcycles, and the automobile racing industry. Recently this technology has begun to reach passenger cars. There are three main points of discussion; the workings

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  • Service Levels

    Service Levels

    Establishing Appropriate Service Levels for a Network Brian Kozma Network and Telecommunications II NTC/410 Facilitator: J. Edwards University of Phoenix November 04, 2006 Service Levels Memorandum ________________________________________ DATE: 04/11/2006 TO: J. Edwards FROM: Brian Kozma SUBJECT: How appropriate service levels can be established for a network Introduction Before analyzing the

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  • Service Management Project

    Service Management Project

    Service Management Project Janelle E. McCloskey University of Phoenix Online Fundamentals of business Systems Development BSA/375 Anjit Bose November 21, 2005 Executive Summary PPG Industries Information Technology (IT) Department has evaluated The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) which will be implemented as the solution for effective information service management.

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  • Service Request Sr-Rm-022

    Service Request Sr-Rm-022

    SERVICE REQUEST SR-RM-022 Service Request SR-rm-022 Jason Johnson BSA/375 September 15, 2015 Karen Knox ________________ Service Request SR-rm-022 In this paper we will describe the said stakeholders in the company, which are supplying the requirements for the services in which they offer. Then we will explain the techniques for gathering

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  • Set-Uid Lab

    Set-Uid Lab

    1. Figure out why "passwd", "chsh", and "su" commands need to be Set-UID programs. What will happen if they are not? If you are not familiar with these programs, you should first learn what they can do. Their source codes are in /usr/src/commands/simple directory. because if they were not,

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  • Shape Optimization of Low Speed Airfoilsusing Matlab and Automatic Differentiation

    Shape Optimization of Low Speed Airfoilsusing Matlab and Automatic Differentiation

    Shape Optimization of Low Speed Airfoils using MATLAB and Automatic Differentiation Christian Wauquiez Stockholm 2000 Licentiate’s Thesis Royal Institute of Technology Department of Numerical Analysis and Computing Science ________________ Abstract The goal of the project is to develop an innovative tool to perform shape optimization of low speed airfoils. This

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  • Shared (Or Virtual) Web Hosting

    Shared (Or Virtual) Web Hosting

    A few things about shared hosting Shared hosting means that the same server (computer) hosts more than a single website, the actual number of hosted websites depending on their size and number of visitors (total occupied space, total monthly bandwidth and used server resources). With the powerful processors of today,

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