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Searching For Utopia

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I have always imagined of a never- found-land where there is no room for sorrow, only joy prevails. Where is that place on earth? Anywhere. You just imagine, and here it is just next to you. It's the positive thought that lets you believe that you have created a warm place around you. If you let distress overcome your conscience then you are pushed deliberately under the state of stress. Thus, our own inner self is the deciding factor of our state of mind.

Take for example, the agony of a nomad in the burning sands of a desert. There is dearth of water everywhere. The water in his phial has been done up with. All round his journey he craves for a single drop of water. There is only one oasis in a thousand deserts. But there are millions of illusions that create oasis' aplenty at every footstep in the form of mirages. Though the mirages are simply are a visionary fallacy, but they provide the traveler with a tiny hope, a hope to live, a minuscule sweet breeze to breathe, to perspire and to feel cool. Though oasis' are a rarity, but the firm belief of the traveler compels him explore it.

During a ship-wreck number of life boats fail to rescue all victims. But the victim who is self-confident would defy destiny. Because a small plank from the hull of the damaged ship is enough to serve as a life savior for him. Basically it's not the size of the device, it's the makeup of the mind that makes you act in a contemplative manner. A large number of passengers who were transported to their respective destinations would have died of cold and fatigue, because they lacked positive approach towards life.

Many of the great legendaries from humankind are handicaps. They lacked basic endowments but their strong inner self made them do the extraodinary feats. They proved to the world that they are in no way behind their better-off contemporaries in terms of human endurance. One lacks physical balance, and



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