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Pc Vs Mac

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Comparison/Contrast Essay

There are many choices when it comes time to choose a home computer. There needs to be a lot of research done, and a lot of options to consider before purchasing one. There are two main types of home computers: MAC and PC. For home use, the PC computer is the better choice in comparison to a MAC computer.

Generally speaking, the MAC computer is more expensive than a PC computer. The cost alone would be more attractive to a home consumer. A consumer would be able to purchase a PC computer for about 1/3rd of the cost of a MAC computer, and get the same use out of it. Therefore, because the PC computer is more affordable than the MAC computer, home users generally purchase PC computers.

Computer technology changes so rapidly, forcing computer users to either purchase a new computer to stay up to date, or to upgrade to better software and hardware. PC computers are more compatible with hardware and software than the MAC computer is. There is more hardware and software made just for the PC computer use, leaving more options for upgrading in the future. When a MAC computer goes obsolete, a MAC user will most likely have to purchase a new system. Simply upgrading to better or software can be less expensive than just purchasing a new computer, so a PC computer makes this option easier for home computer users.

As far as performance is concerned, both types of computers can be comparable. However, MAC computers have been known to be superior for graphic designing purposes. But graphic designing is not normally a task that is done on a home computer. This is something that businesses use MAC computers for. Also, the MAC computers that are better for graphic designing are very expensive. Therefore leaving that option frowned upon by the average consumer.

In conclusion, I believe that the PC computer is better than the MAC computer for home use. I say this because the



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