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The History Of Microsoft Windows

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I can Remember Periodical times in my life when my father would strike up an exciting family Conversation with the topic "The Infamous Bill Gates". A great amount of information most likely was shared about Bill's trial to Achievement during these dinner table talks. While fanaticizing about the material items that I would purchase with Bill's fortune, and how happy they would make me, I realized I had no idea what happened for bill to get where he was. I started researching With the question "What is the history of Microsoft?"

Bill Gates began using the word Microsoft in November of 1975. He was a Freshman student at Harvard University when he and Paul Allen, A childhood friend, developed a BASIC interpreter for what was believed to be the worlds first microcomputer called the Altair 8800. Basic was the first language written for a PC. (

During his junior year, Bill left Harvard to build his company Microsoft. Inspired at the idea that computers would be everywhere, The company Began developing software for PC's. By 1980, Microsoft had Developed 2 more Languages- FORTRAN, and COBOL-80. Bill Gates Buisness was also responsible for the Z-80 SoftCard. In 1981, IBM introduced it's PC, that used Microsoft's 16-bit operating system, called MS-DOS 1.0. By 1982, Microsoft's Local Area Network linked many computers running XENIX and made the transfer of email easier. Bill Gates Was Blessed to be who he was at the time when computers began to boom.

Microsoft Windows 1.0 Was introduced to the Public in 1983 and was an extension

of the Program DOS. It was the Beginning of a major family of programs that would make Microsoft a multi Billion Dollar company. Microsoft windows 1.0 Had many Advantages as well as disadvantages. These disadvantages inspired for the upgraded version, windows 2.0 released



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