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Technological Advances

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Technological advances have affected us more that we realize. These changes can be dramatic is some cases or not as evident in others. Technological advances in the home work and in relationships, is binding the three into one. Advances in technology allow us to get more done for the better of our society, life and work.

How can technology around the home get any better? From refrigerators that tell when its time to restock your favorite beverage, to ovens that cook and then cool your meal if you don't get home in time to eat it. Ever-changing technology helps us to get more done more efficiently, and lets face it, nowadays money is the name of the game more than ever. If an employee broke a leg skiing, he or she can continue to work from home, this can save someone his or her job and even save the company money. Computers and television are helping to educate children long before they are old enough to Go to School. Television programs, interactive computer games and DVDs help young children get a head start on education and even help entertain the kids while mom or dad is cooking, cleaning or even working from home.

Work, home and pleasure time are all being linked together by technology, I believe this is for the better for three main reasons, first off working from home or even while on vacation can allow more time to be spent with family, secondly more can get done on off hours and third of all it can help to serve the customer or client better. The main device that adversely effects technology in the work place is the cell phone, we are well into the cell phone craze and it shows no sign of stopping, businesses and people are dependent on these devices to communicate. Understand that not everyone has a white-collar job and technology can effect them in a totally different way, such as designing machines and robots to do the more dangerous jobs and safety equipment that prevents accidents and saves lives.

The greatest effect technology has, is on human interaction and relationships. In the essay "Isolated by the Internet" by Clifford Stoll, Stoll quotes professor Phillip Zimbardo: "With more virtual reality overtaking real reality, we're losing ordinary social skills, and common social situations



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