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Service Management Project

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Service Management Project

Janelle E. McCloskey

University of Phoenix Online

Fundamentals of business Systems Development BSA/375

Anjit Bose

November 21, 2005

Executive Summary

PPG Industries Information Technology (IT) Department has evaluated The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) which will be implemented as the solution for effective information service management. Managers and IT associates will now be able to track and develop the diverse applications and computer systems that are now in place, and any future enhancements or configuration changes. A comprehensive set of documents that track and provide information that is necessary for all departments to be on the same page as far as to how the architecture and network are configured is being developed. Business units will be able to easily access where their investment in the IT community is being spent. They will be able to see how the IT goals and their goals are aligned. Configuration Management is one of the key elements in the ITIL process.

"Without the definition of all configuration items that are used to provide an organization's IT services, it can be very difficult to identify which items are used for which services. This could result in critical configuration items being stolen, moved or misplaced, affecting the availability of the services dependent

upon them. It could also result in unauthorized items being used in the provision of IT services (ITIL 2005)."

Configuration Management

All the elements of PPG's IT services must be entered in to a CMDB (Configuration Management Database) This database will contain all the information related to, but not limited to maintenance, movement and problems experienced with any IT system deployed by PPG. The CMDB will hold a wide range of information about items that the PPG's IT Services are dependent

upon. This range of information will includes:

o Hardware

o Software

o Documentation

o Personnel

There are four tasks that will comprise Configuration Management:

Identification - detailed



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