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  • Ssh


    ssh Used to protect against IP spoofing and source routing SSL Used to provide security for general Internet services SATAN Used for remote scanning of Unix and firewall systems Kerberos Used to reduce system vulnerability to .rhosts attacks Features of the Client/Server authentication exchange: The client uses the session key

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  • Statistical Assessment on the Use of Crushed Oyster (crassostrea Iredalei) Shell as an Additive Material for Concrete

    Statistical Assessment on the Use of Crushed Oyster (crassostrea Iredalei) Shell as an Additive Material for Concrete

    PLM_header_logo Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Enormous amounts of oyster shell have been disposed of by farmers and consumers in the Philippines every year. According to Fisheries and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the Philippines have produced an estimated 36 million metric ton of oyster by

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  • Statistics


    Chapter 13 1. a) From the problem, the given data is The sample mean treatments for A,B and C are = 156 = 142 = 134 Number of treatments, k = 3 == = 6 = = 6 + 6 + 6 = 18 The formula for the overall sample

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  • Status of 3g and the Future of 4g and 5g

    Status of 3g and the Future of 4g and 5g

    STATUS OF 3G Status of 3G and the Future of 4G and 5G Jake Ingram 211 CIS Professor Pondfield May 31, 2016 Status of 3G and the Future of 4G and 5G Mobile technology has been changing with time. This change is attributed to the new changes and innovations by

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  • Steering System

    Steering System

    STEERING SYSTEM Positioning of rack and pinion 1. Placing behind the wheel center 2. Placing ahead of the wheel center Previously we have planned to place the rack and pinion behind wheel center but then it was not leading to a favorable Ackerman percentage. So, we have decided to place

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  • Steganography


    Steganography Introduction to Steganography Codes have been around for centuries ranging from wax, invisible ink, Morse code, the Enigma used by the Germans during World War II and now steganographic. Steganography is the latest form to insidiously hide information over the Internet without a trace of a file being altered.

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  • Stem Cell Research: Just A Bad Idea

    Stem Cell Research: Just A Bad Idea

    Jade Chun Dvorak English 102 24 November, 2006 Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Just a Bad Idea Embryonic stem cell research has been an issue of great controversy ever since it began. In 1998 a group of scientists led by Dr. James Thompson at the University of Wisconsin developed a way

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  • Step-Up Towards Privacy and Connectivity Concerns in Whatsapp

    Step-Up Towards Privacy and Connectivity Concerns in Whatsapp

    IRACST - International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology & Security (IJCSITS), Vol. IV, No. II, 2014 Step-Up towards Privacy and Connectivity Concerns in WhatsApp Ms. Kavisha Duggal, Assistant Professor, Dept of Computer Science Lovely Professional University Phagwara, India Ms. Reema Ludhra, Student Dept of computer Applications, Lovely Professional

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  • Stephen Hawking

    Stephen Hawking

    Stephen W. Hawking has a mind that is beyond today's way of thinking. His attempts to identify a grand unification theory that unites everything we know about the physics and even science itself. Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in Oxford, England. He spent most of his childhood in

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  • Steps For Making A Pcb

    Steps For Making A Pcb

    Procedure for creating a PCB: OrCAD Capture: * First to create a PCB circuit, we start by opening OrCAD Capture ("File", "New" and click on "Design" or "Project. * Afterwards, we click the "Place Part" submenu and we add the important and necessary libraries. If necessary we place the parts

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  • Steps To Effectively Respond To A Security Incident And Threats On A Wireless Network

    Steps To Effectively Respond To A Security Incident And Threats On A Wireless Network

    Sean Franks BIS 634 Steps to Effectively Respond to a Security Incident and Threats on a Wireless Network Incident response is usually one of those security areas that tend to be impromptu--companies don't think about it until they have to. But that needs to change. In this paper I

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  • Stepsmart Case Study

    Stepsmart Case Study

    * D.LIGHT DESIGN * Target: BOPs (4 million people live under BOP) – collective consumption $5 trillion * Cost of energy for BOP household Ranges between 10-25% of their domestic expenses * India was chosen for a global launch in 2009 as 45% of global revenues come from India, annual

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  • Steroids


    Major League Baseball and Steroids If steroid use is ignored, we are not far away from Major League Baseball (MLB) letting players take whatever they want to enhance the excitement of the games. Today's baseball fans expect the games they are watching to be real, and not rigged, but if

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  • Stock Analysis of Apple

    Stock Analysis of Apple

    Stock Analysis of Apple Stock Analysis Part I. Company’s Profile. Firstly, some information regarding the company under consideration should be provided. Apple is one of the most well-known companies in the world. Company’s production includes computers’ software, online services, personal computers, cell-phones, media players, smart phones, etc. The company’s headquarters

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  • Storage Devices

    Storage Devices

    Types of Storage Devices A storage device is a device capable of storing data. The term usually refers to mass storage devices, such as disk and tape drives ( In this paper I will explore different types of storage devices and which ones are optimal for different situations. I will

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  • Strategic Evaluation Document for Boots

    Strategic Evaluation Document for Boots

      Management Summary In writing the report of “Strategic Evaluation Document for Boots”, I describe the detail information of Boots and the strategy evaluation including the present proposition. I analyze the Boots’ organization’s current position by using the SWOT and PEST analysis. In documenting eMarketing strategy, I advise different marketing

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  • Strategies For Evaluating The Implementation Of The Electronic Health Record

    Strategies For Evaluating The Implementation Of The Electronic Health Record

    Strategies for Evaluating the Implementation of the Electronic Health Record Nowhere Medical Center implemented the electronic medical record, and the staffs as well as the doctors are actively engaged in using it. There as been many suggestions from the staff, doctors, and business units, which were looked into and many

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  • Strategy


    Strategy and Marketing Primer (version 3.0) This set of "crib notes" is a review of marketing and strategy tools and concepts that you may find useful for your project in EES&OR 483. The intention is not to give you more work or reading material, but rather to provide you

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  • Student


    Euthyphro Good or bad, right or wrong, truth or lie, piety or impiety, just or unjust, honorable or dishonorable; these controversies are and always have been problematic for human beings. It is not as easy as it seems to draw a line between those antonyms, partly because people have cultural

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  • Student


    Oland & Sons Current situation and problem President of Oland & Son, Halifax, Nova Scotia, had to determine whether he should introduce Oland's schooner beer and ale in the greater Boston Market. Limited growth in existing markets had led to exploring new markets. Boston Market was going to be used

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  • Student


    RUNNING TITLE: FINANCE AND MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING Finance and Managerial Accounting MIAB03M1B7; MM520 Finance and Accounting Report This paper will present a high-level overview of the differences between managerial accounting and financial accounting and how each of these methods can be used for decision making. A brief definition of each of

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  • Student


    Worldcom An organization or organisation is a social arrangement which pursues collective goals and controls its own performance, and it has a boundary separating it from its environment.WorldCom common goal is make businesses run more efficiently. WorldCom was formed to provide services to independent PR firms. It is also

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  • Student


    CHAPTER I--THE AMATEUR EMIGRANT THE SECOND CABIN I first encountered my fellow-passengers on the Broomielaw in Glasgow. Thence we descended the Clyde in no familiar spirit, but looking askance on each other as on possible enemies. A few Scandinavians, who had already grown acquainted on the North Sea, were friendly

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  • Student


    SWOT Analysis What is SWOT Analysis? SWOT analysis is a basic, straightforward model that provides direction and serves as a basis for the development of marketing plans. It accomplishes this by assessing an organizations strengths (what an organization can do) and weaknesses (what an organization cannot do) in addition to

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  • Student Survival Guide

    Student Survival Guide

    Running head: STUDENT SURVIVAL GUIDE Student Survival Guide Tineisha D. Taylor Western International University IT 101 Skills for Learning in an Information Age Don Bronsard, Ph.D. Computers, Internet, electronics are all apart of technology. Businesses are being buffeted by an increasingly rapid rate of change. There are new products, new

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  • Student Survival Guide For Distance Learning Education

    Student Survival Guide For Distance Learning Education

    Student Survival Guide for Distance Learning Education By Paul C. Torr Jr. Axia College of the University of Phoenix Gen 105 Final Project Introduction Learning can be a difficult task to anyone who wants to expand his or her knowledge. With the help of online schools, learning has stepped into

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  • Study Claims Customers Prefer Cable To Telecom For Triple-Play

    Study Claims Customers Prefer Cable To Telecom For Triple-Play

    Study claims customers prefer cable to telecom for triple-play An annual survey conducted by Knowledge Networks/SRI claims that 29% of consumers believe that cable systems would provide the best service and value for the triple-play bundle of video, voice and broadband. Satellite was the second choice at 22%, followed by

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  • Stun Guns

    Stun Guns

    Advantages of Technology Jason Campbell Professor Robyn Stewart ADJ 265 March 23, 2008 The use of stun guns in Police Departments is a relatively new thing. While, stun guns have widely been available in the private sector for well over two decades, law enforcement agencies have only began using them

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  • Successes And Failure In Biotech Innovation

    Successes And Failure In Biotech Innovation

    Successes and Failures in Biotechnology Innovation When I first started this paper I would have to admit that I was pretty green in the field of Biotechnology, I had a brief understanding but nothing near an in depth understanding of the field. So when I first started looking for

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  • Successful E-Business Systems - Paypal

    Successful E-Business Systems - Paypal

    SUCCESSFUL E-BUSINESS SYSTEMS - PAYPAL Archil Avaliani International University in Germany Supervisor: Prof. Keiichi Nakata ABSTRACT PayPal is an account-based system that allows anyone with an email address to send and receive online payments. This service is easy to use for customers. Members can instantaneously send money to anyone.

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