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Monitoring AnyoneЎЇS Computer 24/7 For Cheap!!!

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Essay Preview: Monitoring AnyoneЎЇS Computer 24/7 For Cheap!!!

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Name: Invisible Hacking Group.


Are you worried about your lover/spouse cheating on you? Are you worried about your kids surfing inappropriate websites in secret? Do you still have feelings for an ex and wants to know what he/sheЎЇs doing? Do you want to know what your business competitors are doing online everyday? Do you have a court case to go to but need a lot more evidence from someone in order to win it? Or do you just want to monitor your own computer to see if anyoneЎЇs done anything bad on it?


Who Are We:

WeЎЇre the Invisible Hacking Group, a group of experienced professional hackers with the most advanced technology! We now are providing an online monitoring service for a low fee of only $300 USD/Month, which is as low as ONLY 10 DOLLARS PER DAY!

What Do We Do:

We can hack into and monitor anyoneЎЇs computer invisibly as you request, using the most advanced technology thatЎЇs currently being used by the NSA and CIA.

We will forward to you the following info of the hacked computer:

Records of Instant Messages and Chatroom Conversations

- MSN Messenger

- Yahoo Messenger


- AOL Instant Messenger

- Plus various chat rooms!

Records of Emails Sent and Received

- All Emails sent from the targeted computer

- All Emails received on the targeted computer

- All Emails read on the targeted computer

Records of Web Sites Visited

- URL visited

- Total Time spent on each web site.

- Date and Time the web page was first viewed

Records of Files Run

- All files that have been run on the targeted computer


We record activities on the target computer



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