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  • 2.	What Were The Causes Of The Crimean War?

    2. What Were The Causes Of The Crimean War?

    What were the causes of the Crimean War? Keep in mind, that Russia had been geographically pressuring the Ottoman Empire for several decades before the war. Consider the different nations that became involved. What were the long-term effects of this war? The one major cause of the Crimean War was

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  • 20th Maine And The Battle Of Gettysburgh

    20th Maine And The Battle Of Gettysburgh

    The Importance of the 20th Maine at the Battle of Gettysburg Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and the 20th Maine played a crucial role in the Union victory at the Battle of Gettysburg. The 20th Maine's actions on the second day of the battle saved the Union line from being flanked by

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  • 3 Steps In Evolution

    3 Steps In Evolution

    Sahelanthropus tchadensis has a skull with an elongated shape with a relatively short, vertical face, which is set high relative to the skull vault. The eyes are set far apart from each other and have a very large continuous bony brow ridge above them. Examination of the lower jaw reveals

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  • 30 Years War

    30 Years War

    The four stages of the Thirty Years' War, which was fought mostly in the Holy Roman Empire (modern Germany), involved nearly all of the major powers of Europe, and was a war that used religion as a cover-up for politics. The war caused the demise of the Holy Roman Empire,

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  • 35 Days

    35 Days

    Thirty-Five Critical Days Russia seems to me to be the reason World War I became the crisis that it did. The Austrian aggressiveness obviously gave everyone involved a starting point, but the reason it blew up to the scale that it did way poor leadership on the part of the

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  • 3m's New Information

    3m's New Information

    Intro The business environment is very competitive. Consequently, companies need to offer customers efficient and reliable service. If they do not, customers will switch to more consumer efficient companies. Furthermore, as companies grow in size, it becomes harder to keep track of the growing amount of customer information. If a

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  • 47 Ronin

    47 Ronin

    The 47 Ronin Breaching the perimeter of the Edo Castle with a full armament and a flawless plan, the 47 ronin sought vengeance and honor. Seeking remittance in bloodshed, the 47 ronin remained loyal to Asano Takuminokami and avenged his death by killing their enemy, Lord Kira Kozukenosuke. The actions

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  • 50's


    Rebellious characters lead to various actions The 1950's in Great Britain was a post-war era of vastly different experiences. For many, it was a time of hope, victory and promise. For others it was a time of depression and healing. And for some it was a time of rebellion. Various

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  • 590


    Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS Gap Analysis: Global Communications University of Phoenix Gap Analysis: Global Communications [Triple click anywhere in this sentence to begin typing your introduction.] Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification Decision making is difficult and shouldn't be rushed. Global Communications (GC) executives might not have taken

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  • 60's


    One concept of the generation gap is that parents and offspring have different values and beliefs. As a result, many parents fear that they will lose influence with children when peer opinions become highly valued. In the 1960's the generation gap developed from three situations. These situations are Free Speech,

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  • 7 Wonders

    7 Wonders

    Seven Wonders of the Modern World Michigan Stadium Currently home of the University of Michigan Wolverines, Michigan Stadium is the largest college football stadium in the nation. In the 2003 season Michigan hosted long time rival Ohio State in front of a current NCAA record crowd of 112,118 fans.1 Nicknamed

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  • 911 Vs. Jfk Assassination

    911 Vs. Jfk Assassination

    JFK Assassination vs. September 11th As we look back on history we can see how so many things have changed for the better, and even for the worse. We will remember how Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play baseball in the Major Leagues. We will remember how

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  • A Beautiful Friendship: Adolf Hitler And Josef Stalin

    A Beautiful Friendship: Adolf Hitler And Josef Stalin

    The 60th anniversary of one of the most fateful events in world history went unremarked this week. On Aug. 23, 1939 Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin agreed to what became known as the Nazi-Soviet nonaggression pact. With that, Stalin made World War II possible. Assured that he was protected from

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  • A Bilingual Nation

    A Bilingual Nation

    Once he became Prime Minister of Canada, Trudeau stated his aim to create a "just society" in Canada. For a Montreal native and firm believer in federalism, the first item on the agenda was promoting bilingualism. In 1969, Trudeau told Canadians he believed in "two official languages and a pluralist

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  • A Bintel Brief

    A Bintel Brief

    The Bintel Brief is a column in the Jewish Daily Forward, which was formed in 1906. During this time many Jewish immigrants have suffered a great deal of depression and anxiety because of being Jewish. Often separated from family and bewildered by life in a new country, thousands of Jewish

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  • A Booming End To The 19th Century

    A Booming End To The 19th Century

    More changes occurred in America in the late 19th century than any other time period. The country went through rapid expansion вЂ" from residents of its land to cuisine to transportation of goods and people. While the last quarter of the 20th century brought many modern conveniences, the century before

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  • A Brief Chinese History

    A Brief Chinese History

    A brief history A succession of dynasties ruled China from the second millennium BC to the early 1900s. Chinese history changed course, however, as Europeans expanded into Asia. China suffered through clashes with European powers in the 1800s. Then, in 1911, Chinese revolutionaries overthrew the last dynasty. The country suffered

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  • A Brief History Of Antarctic Whaling

    A Brief History Of Antarctic Whaling

    The introduction of the factory ships into the fleets of existing commercial whaling operations in 1925 brought with it increased catches of predominantly blue whales due to their large size and yield of whale oil derived from the blubber that insulates whales in the cold seas. It is worth noting

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  • A Brief History Of European Integration

    A Brief History Of European Integration

    NATO and European Union A BRIEF HISTORY OF EUROPEAN INTEGRATION Until it crystallized into a political concept and became the long-term goal of the Member States of the European Community, the European idea was unknown to all but philosophers and visionaries. The notion of a United States of Europe was

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  • A Brief Overview Of The Fall Of Tsar Nicholas Ii

    A Brief Overview Of The Fall Of Tsar Nicholas Ii

    Generally referred to as the 'Last Tsar', his short but significant reign ushered in a revolutionary political system that would change the world. He claimed his throne unprepared after the sudden death of his father "Alexander III". His father rarely taught him the things necessary to control an empire as

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  • A Bunch Of Bs.

    A Bunch Of Bs.

    HIST 1B, Lesson Nine Answer Sheet Student Name: Grant Brunner Bar Code:00509648009 PART I. Short Answer 1.To stop the spread of Communism and bring democracy and economic opportunity to conquered European nations. Russia wanted to rebuild itself and make itself better. 2.America wanted to restore fallen nations to make the

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  • A Catalyst In Anti-Colonial Sentiment

    A Catalyst In Anti-Colonial Sentiment

    "Colonial domination Ð'... manages to disrupt in spectacular fashion the cultural life of a conquered people," is the opening line of Frantz Fanon's speech included in his work Les DamnÐ"©s de la Terre. Frantz Fanon's words remain relevant today, in a world where imperialism and colonialism are manifested in continually

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  • A Change of Ideals for Christian Women

    A Change of Ideals for Christian Women

    A CHANGE OF IDEALS FOR CHRISTIAN WOMEN Sarah Pilgrim Globalization I November 24, 2015 Mary Faulkner writes in her book, Women’s Spirituality: Power and Grace, “Women’s spirituality doesn’t challenge God. It challenges long-standing cultural assumptions about power and authority – who has it, who doesn’t and where it comes from.”

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  • A Commentary On "Death So Noble"

    A Commentary On "Death So Noble"

    Collective memory or myth refers to the combination "Ð'...of fact, wishful thinking, half-truth and outright inventionÐ'..." that form the perceptions arising from a shared experience. Death So Noble by Jonathan Vance is a well written and well received, as awards and book sales attest, examination of public or collective memory

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  • A Comparative Analysis Of Ghana And Malaysia With Respect To The U.K.

    A Comparative Analysis Of Ghana And Malaysia With Respect To The U.K.

    Half a century ago, the Republic of Ghana and the Federation of Malaysia had a lot in common. Though in different parts of the world, they both had been colonies of the United Kingdom and neither gained their independence until 1957. While both nations possessed a mix of resources that

    Words: 2,050  •  Pages: 9
  • A Comparison Of Great Women Leaders

    A Comparison Of Great Women Leaders

    A Comparison of Great Women Leaders Queen Victoria and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher are well known women leaders of England who each in her own manner and in her own generation shaped her country. These women led their countries with conviction. Each lady was dedicated to her position. Even through

    Words: 3,073  •  Pages: 13
  • A Comparison of Two Great Leaders

    A Comparison of Two Great Leaders

    M4A1 – A Comparison of Two Great Leaders A Comparison of Two Great Leaders M4A1 – Midterm Examination Brett L. Sprenger Excelsior College Abstract What is leadership? According to, the definition of leadership is, “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.” However, the former president

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  • A Comparison Of Winston Churchill And Julius Caesar

    A Comparison Of Winston Churchill And Julius Caesar

    Winston Churchill is one of the most well known and successful leaders of the last century. Churchill had many characteristics that helped him during his rule. Some of these include his charisma, his inspiration, and his decisive actions. These characteristics are analogous to the traits that some characters express in

    Words: 1,111  •  Pages: 5
  • A Conceptual Framework Of Prestige-Seeking Consumer Behavior

    A Conceptual Framework Of Prestige-Seeking Consumer Behavior

    Vigneron and Johnson / A Review and a Conceptual Framework of Prestige A Review and a Conceptual Framework of Prestige-Seeking Consumer Behavior Franck Vigneron The University of Sydney California State University Northridge Lester W. Johnson Monash University Franck Vigneron is assistant professor of Marketing, College of Business & Economics, California

    Words: 262  •  Pages: 2
  • A Date That Will Live In Infamy

    A Date That Will Live In Infamy

    The Japanese bombs that sunk the U.S.S. West Virginia, U.S.S. Arizona, and pushed America into WWII also radically changed the lives of Japanese Americans living in the Puget Sound. December 7, 1941, "a date that will live in infamy." These words will never be forgotten, not by a stunned America,

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