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Capital Punishment - Personal Views Essay

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My name is Amira Taofeekat , I'm here from Toronto North Ward 2 and I’m here to propose bill A-1 Capital punishment, or as we call it Judicial Penalty. Now I get what everyone is thinking, that capital punishment is barbaric, cruel and has no place in a civilized society. And I get that people think, that capital punishment, will kill half of Canada’s population and that anyone innocent thats convicted of murder, even if there's no proper evidence, will die in vain. However, that's not really how it works, Judicial Penalty would work in the way that if someone was convicted of killing more than one person and there is full concrete DNA evidence and the not biased jury and judge think that they are 100% guilty.Then that is the only time, they'll be convicted of the Judicial Penalty. If there is not concrete evidence and they’re arrested based off a confession or racial profiling and there isn't substantial evidence then they will be held in prison, but will not die. The main reasons why we we are proposing this bill on Judicial penalty is because

People pay for thousand of convicts with life sentences to be fed, clothed, and kept in safety for up to several decades. Imagine i came into your house in the middle of the night and killed your siblings or in worst case scenario i raped your 10 months daughter guess what i only get arrested and get a life sentence. Now you're paying for me for the rest of your life , i get three square meals a day, medical treatment, and in many cases , access to recreation. And you’re paying for it. Additionally prisons are very overcrowded and it leads to lots of deaths , recently a correction officer died after being attacked by an inmate.

it's a way to know that specific person will never hurt anyone else again especially when there is no such thing as a life sentence without parole in canada. You can't "lock them up



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