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Gap Analysis: Global Communications

University of Phoenix

Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

Decision making is difficult and shouldn't be rushed. Global Communications (GC) executives might not have taken enough time to consider the implications of implementing their plan. It seems they are missing a clearly defined plan. It is almost as though every associate had a role to play and they weren't very well connected. Even when they recognize that their plan isn't going very well they face the pressure of groupthink from Katrina when she says: "Since we have already spent considerable time devising and agreeing to this strategy, we're better served to address the challenge that we've set up." It is almost as if (GC) made an expedient decision. "The greatest

Global Communications (GC) has become almost nothing amongst all the competition. There is no cut and dry solution to the various problems they face as they try to revamp their business strategy. There are going to be many non-programmed decisions (GC) will have to make. "Managers typically face non-programmed decisions: new, novel, complex decision having no certain outcomes. There are a variety of possible solutions, all of which have merits and drawbacks." (Bateman & Snell, 2004, p. 5). (GC) has the opportunity to downsize and to change strategies to be competitive again. One solution (GC) has come up with is to go overseas to find cheaper labor. While it may be cheaper to find labor elsewhere they face the obstacle of getting the Union to approve this. The Unions purpose is to protect the jobs of its members. The Union already feels like they made sacrifices with their benefit cuts the previous year. Negotiations will surely be complex no matter the decision, and this is a new challenge for (GC). The greatest strength of the expedient approach is that it gets the job done. (Hoch & Kunreuther & Gunther, 2001, p 3). At the same time, however, expedient decision making has inherent weaknesses. It is not beneficial to arrive first with the wrong product." (Hoch & Kunreuther & Gunther, 2001, p 4). They came up with a solution but maybe it isn't going to take them to their end goals.

Global Communications had to get the board to approve the plan before revealing the plan to the rest of the company. However, the board members have a possibility to leak information through the grapevine without giving GC the opportunity to make a formal announcement. This is the opportunity to implement a well defined plan that foresaw this as a possibility and to "monitor and influence" (Kreitner& Kinicki, 2004, p. 25). the grapevine. If (GC) doesn't go forward with what they approved with the board in a timely fashion their employees will get their information from the grapevine. "Research about the grapevine provided the following insight: (1) it is faster than formal channels; (2) it is about 75% accurate; (3) people rely on it when they are insecure, threatened or faced with organizational changes; and (4) employees use the grapevine to acquire the majority of their on-the job information. (Kreitner& Kinicki, 2004, p. 25). Global Communications had to get the board to approve the plan before presenting to the rest of the company. However, the board members are a source for leaking information to the grapevine without giving GC the opportunity to make a formal announcement.

(GC) needs to choose the right medium of delivery for the announcement to the employees about restructuring. Choosing the right medium can enhance or detract from the announcement and will affect how the employee's receive the information. "If a unique and ambiguous issue is handled through email or another lean medium, then issues take longer to resolve and misunderstandings are more likely to occur. (McShane & Glinow, 2005. p. 13). The media richness they choose can really affect the outcome of the announcement.

Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas

The players (Katrina, Sy, Nancy, and Joel Thompson) as a group are some of the biggest stakeholders. Their decisions will be played out on a stage where everyone will see the outcome.

The Board Members had the power to approve the proposal to downsize and go global looking for cheaper alternatives. They want the company to succeed because of their interests in the profitability of the company. Maybe that interest is stronger than their desire to protect current employees jobs.

The Union represents the workers. The Unions job is to protect the workers and negotiate the best wages and benefits. The Union will probably not think it is fair to give American jobs to other countries.

GC Employee's are the group being most affected but have the least decision making power. Their jobs and respect for the company are at stake.

End-State Vision

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Gap Analysis

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