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2. What Were The Causes Of The Crimean War?

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Essay Preview: 2. What Were The Causes Of The Crimean War?

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What were the causes of the Crimean War? Keep in mind, that Russia had been geographically pressuring the Ottoman Empire for several decades before the war. Consider the different nations that became involved. What were the long-term effects of this war?

The one major cause of the Crimean War was that Russia was trying to take over Ottoman territory. They want certain territory so they could have better sea access. It was also said that it was part to see who would get the Ottoman territories when the Ottoman rein fell.

When Russia tried to take this territory over the British and French stepped in to help in to help the Ottoman. The reason behind this was because the British became very suspicious of Russia's actions. They believe that if Russia succeeded in this that they might soon take attention to some of British's territories. So with that all said the British and the French set in to stop Russia.

During 1853 and 1856 the Crimean War raged on the Black Sea, and on the Crimean peninsula. It was during this time that the British and French naval ships trapped Russia's naval fleet and sunk them to protect the approaches to Sevastopol, the main base to Crimea. After that the British and French troop stormed the land and took over the city. With Russia out numbered and having problems with getting supplies it caused Russia to fall in this effort.

Some of the long term affects of this war such things as changing the way warfare happened. With the results of from clashes of mechanized and unmechanized killings times need to change. Before this time cavalries were use to break enemy lines due to poor and awkward rifles. With British's technology in rifles, it aloud them to over take Russia's military pretty easy, allowing them to victory. So because of this Empires and countries start to improve on this aspect of fighting in wars. More attention was focus on how to make better



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