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Cricket’s Effect on the Political Sector

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Essay Preview: Cricket’s Effect on the Political Sector

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Julia Starczewski

Over the course of the last 200 years, the game of cricket has introduced a positive shift in attitude. The game had been introduced to the world from England in the mid 1800s and it has roots in nationalism. Cricket then globally spread to other nations such as America, India, the Caribbean, Asia, South Africa, and Australia through diffusion, trade, and imperialism. People in these regions have responded to Cricket in multiple ways, most of these regions are affected by Cricket in a way that shapes their culture.

Cricket’s effect on the political sector has been significant. The establishment of modern sport closely correlates with the high point of European imperial dominance. The English government had imperialized the globe through this game which led to the colonization of their territories that they control today. When they conquered a new region, they would introduced Cricket to their native population and influence them into a new way of play and culture. The political ideologies of the places they conquered were affected by if cricket had thrived there. An example would be how cricket did not gain much popularity in America. America had wanted to be free of British rule and ideologies, so they developed their own sports - other than cricket. In India, cricket became an integral part of Indian society. The global governance of sport was drawn upon imperial lines, major sporting leagues and tournaments representing imperial elite networks let sports grow in stature and symbolism, having a profound effect on public life.

Economically, the countries in which Cricket was played in all experienced a net positive affect to their economy. The IPL, which was a Cricket league created specifically for India, showed a shift in the sports economy, shifting it more towards underdeveloped countries rather than exclusively developed countries. Ultimately, this led to further globalization of the game, allowing more countries around the globe to be influenced by this game and its economic wealth it brought. The ICC coming to India had boosted money in government and in the states.  Cricket had a positive effect on India, as it allowed for new economic developments, which led to more activity in world affairs. In English and Welsh cricket, the game was meant for the elite which brought more wealth into the government and created a more of a rich appeal and ideal for the game.

Before and during the early parts of the 1800’s, the only people playing cricket were white christian males. As it globalized, it opened up the game to different ethnicities. Like the Hindus in India - they had accepted the sport into their culture and into their everyday life. Its introduction into South East Asia had tied many religions together in the end. There was a league created for Hindus and Muslims to bring these religions closer. People would create teams and work together to play tournaments and interact with the other religions. Since in India, cricket was introduced in public schools - it showed greatness for a good moral character and other civilizations have adopted the idea.



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