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Medical Billing

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Medical Billing

Ayana Estrella

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When people think and talk about other jobs in the healthcare field, it can be easier to just assume most of the health care positions involve hands on. Most of the time many people do not understand in the Administrative part the job equals the quality in health care services. Medical billing plays a huge important role in the administrative parts because medical billing keeps health care patients records up to date, as well as insurance companies. With a lot of the administrative jobs being professional billers, they all need to have well excellent detailed attention with the strong coding experience. If not, this can leas up to many problems even where the company can be sewed.

         For many years Medical Billing was mostly written on paper. the U.S health care insurance company has created a proper training, that has changed tremendously just about fifty years ago. This might include a degree or certificate in this field. In nineteen seventy-seven the medical community recognized the IDC system. The IDC system is a alphanumeric codes that improves consistency among recording patients symptoms, treatments and diseases for the right purposes to reimburse claims. This also included to expand the study to include a variety of medical information. Now in today’s history there are many ways to find medical records as well as finding documents easier and faster to provide the proper information.

Medical billing is a payment practice that involves following up, submitting, and appealing claims with multiple insurance companies in order to receive the proper payment. This includes procedures, testing’s, and treatments. This is the procedure known as the Billing Cycle, and this is known as the revenue Cycle Movement, this manages claims payments and billing. Typically, this can lead up to months, days, and even several weeks to complete. The first step into this process is if this is the first time the patient is coming into the clinic, or hospital the biller will provide information to the patient. Then the health care providers who are connected to insurance companies will provide health care services and proper information to the patient.



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