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Global 2012 Dbq Essay

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When people are unsatisfied with a government's policies or actions that can lead to protest movements. Two events in history where people protested are the pro democracy movement in China and the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa. The protests sometimes become violent when the government intervenes. These protests were caused because people wanted change and the governments responded in different ways.

The anti-apartheid movement in South Africa caused a large uproar from the people in South Africa. In 1948, The National Party put in the policy of apartheid to separate races. The party claimed that separation “is the only basis on which the character and future of each race can be protected and safeguarded” (Document 7). Also that in order to be guided and develop national character and aptitude they needed apartheid. During the apartheid policy blacks were required to carry a pass, were moved into homelands, and had low and unskilled jobs. The black race was treated unequally after the apartheid policy and they wanted change, so they created the Campaign for the Defiance of Unjust Laws. Nelson Mandela was elected National Volunteer-in-Chief, he travelled the country organizing resistances to the legislation. They led peaceful protests and avoided violence.(Document 8). The government reacted with force and violence as shown at a student demonstration. They were protesting against “a government policy mandating that all classes be taught in Afrikaans, the language of South African whites.”(Document 9). Then swarms of police and the army came and at first set the dogs on kids and then started shooting at them. The people protested in South Africa the government responded with violence but now, today, apartheid is over in South Africa.

In China there is communism and there has been for a while but in 1989 there were protests in Tiananmen square. In China there was censorship, no freedoms and a corrupt government with no say from the people. Inflation was skyrocketing, the bureaucrats were corrupt, social order grew chaotic and power was in the hands of few high ranking officials



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