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National Service Training Program

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Background of the study:

National Service Training Program (NSTP) it is a civic education and defense preparedness program for Filipino college students. NSTP is needed in the college curriculum because it instill in our youth a sense of patriotism for our country. It also prepares them to be socially aware and responsible for our country. To become responsible individual members of the community.

During the Spanish Colonial years, there was a training course similar to what is presently known as ROTC. There is also a Commonwealth Act No. 1 otherwise known as the “National Defense Act” it was enacted by the National Assembly of the Philippines on December 1935 it provides all military service obligatory for all citizen of ages between eighteen and thirty. (Ortiz, 2014)

During the term of President Ferdinand Marcos, Presidential Decree 1708 was created it is otherwise known as the “National Service Law” it was signed into law on August 8, 1980. In this Presidential Decree national service becomes obligatory for all Filipino citizen and it is specified to three categories; a.) Civic Welfare Service b.) Law Enforcement Service c.) Military Service. (Delgado, 2014)

During the term of President Corazon Aquino, Republic Act 7077 otherwise known as the “Citizen Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act” was enacted by the 8th congress of the Philippines on June 27, 1991. The Reservist Act provided for organization, training and utilization of Reservist reffered in the act as “Citizen Soldier”. In addition, Republic Act 7077 was amended by Republic Act 9163 otherwise known as “National Service Training Program Act of 2001” an act establishing the National Service Training Program (NSTP) for tertiary level students amending for the purpose of Republic act 7077 and Presidential Decree 7077 and Presidential Decree and for other purposes under Republic Act 9163. NSTP has three components which are; a.) Reserved Training Corps (ROTC) b.) Civic Welfare Training Service (CWTS) c.) Literacy Training Service (LTS).



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