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  • Sister Carrie

    Sister Carrie

    In August of 1889, Carrie Meeber leaves her small town to find employment in the city of Chicago. Theodore Dreiser, the author of Sister Carrie, informs the reader that, "Self-interest with her was high, but not strong. It was nevertheless her guiding characteristic.". With her youth and innocence she

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  • Sister Carrie

    Sister Carrie

    The Fall of Carrie and Hurstwood Sister Carrie, written by Theodore Dreiser, is a tale of Carrie, who comes to Chicago to somehow make the money she has always dreamed of having. In pursuit of the material possessions and success she dreams of, she involves herself with two different characters,

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  • Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

    Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

    The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about four best friends who go their separate ways for the summer. The only way of communication is through a pair of "magical" pants, which surprisingly fit them all despite their completely different builds. Athletic Bridget heads to Baja, California to a soccer

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  • Six Characters In Search Of An Author

    Six Characters In Search Of An Author

    Six Characters in Search of an Author is about a family of unfinished characters who take over the rehearsal of another work in order to have their own story told. Pirandello's playful opening moments soon give way to the horror of the story the characters have to tell. Though the

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  • Six Sigma

    Six Sigma

    Six Sigma Some say, Robert Galvin invented Six Sigma in the 1880's, instead, he applied methodologies that had been available since the 1920's developed by luminaries such as: Shewhart, Deming, Juran, Ishikawa, Ohno, Shingo, Taguchi, and Shainin. The idea behind Six Sigma is you can measure how many defects you

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  • Six Thinking Hats

    Six Thinking Hats

    Six Thinking Hats Edward De Bono (Little, Brown and Company, 1985) Thinking with Hats Six Thinking Hats offers an original way to think. The author, Edward De Bono, has created an idiom to make decisions making, communication, and thinking more effective. De Bono believes thinking is the ultimate human

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  • Skin Of Lion

    Skin Of Lion

    "Any critical reading of a text will be strengthened by a knowledge of how a text is valued by readers in differing contexts." Discuss this statement and show how your critical understanding of the text has been strengthened by at least two different readings. Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of

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  • Skinwalkers By Tony Hillerman

    Skinwalkers By Tony Hillerman

    The fraud in the story "Skinwalkers" was committed for the sole purpose of getting back at the American government. The reasoning behind the fraud was because a treaty that was signed at Fort Summer decades ago. This treaty promised things to the Indian people things, which were never delivered, such

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  • Slam


    This story is about a boy named Greg "Slam" Harris who loves to play basketball. But one day he has to switch school because his parent couldn't afford for him to be in the school he was so he had to move. He doesn't want to move because all

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  • Slam!


    Slam! I chose to do this research paper on the book Slam! by Walter Dean Myers. This book is about a character named Greg Harris who dominates the basketball court, but outside the gym he runs into a series of problems. First his mom transfers him to a different school

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  • Slaughter House 5

    Slaughter House 5

    Slaughter house 5 "We had been foolish virgins in the war right at the end of childhood" Slaughterhouse Five-Kurt Vonnegut "The children's crusade started in 1213 when two monks got the idea of raising armies of children in France and Germany, and selling them in North Africa as slaves. Thirty

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  • Slaughterhouse 5

    Slaughterhouse 5

    The Tralfamadorians say that we should focus on the good and ignore the bad. In Slaughterhouse-Five, this is what Billy Pilgrim is trying to do. He has been through the worst in a war. Not only seeing people die every day, or even in a tiny boxcar with a

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  • Slaughterhouse Five

    Slaughterhouse Five

    Slaughter house 5 ?We had been foolish virgins in the war right at the end of childhood? Slaughterhouse Five-Kurt Vonnegut ?The children?s crusade started in 1213 when two monks got the idea of raising armies of children in France and Germany, and selling them in North Africa as slaves. Thirty

    Words: 980  •  Pages: 4
  • Slaughterhouse Five

    Slaughterhouse Five

    Slaughterhouse Five is a novel based on the character Billy Pilgrim. It’s not like any book though, Billy Pilgrim goes through time and space, after his rendezvous in the war. billy realizes he has a certain talent that is shocking to him and ends up getting him captured in

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  • Slim Girl And Her Transformation

    Slim Girl And Her Transformation

    Laughing Boy by Oliver LaFarge shows the transformations Slim Girls makes, with metaphors to her weaving. Slim Girl basically starts from step one, trying to regain the respect of the people whom she belongs. She was unaware of the basic culture, mannerisms, and “un-spoken rules”. Slim Girl learned a lot

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  • Smiles


    '07 brings smiles galore at Jamnalal Bajaj Students at Mumbai's Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) are a happy lot. The '07 placements season at JBIMS has brought smiles on the faces of the entire batch of 124 students: everyone got 'placed' on Day One! What's more, there

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  • Sniper Vs. The Tell Tale Heart

    Sniper Vs. The Tell Tale Heart

    The Sniper vs. The Tell-Tale Heart Although the stories "The Sniper" and "The Tell Tale Heart" have comparable things in them, they are still different. In this paper I will show the comparisons and the contrasts of both stories. I'll explain these in the setting, the method of how the

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  • Snow Falling On Cedars

    Snow Falling On Cedars

    Setting The novel is set on San Piedro Island, a small island north of Puget Sound in the Washington state area. The island setting is a fitting in several ways. The people of San Piedro Island have everything they need on the island; they are self-sufficient. Additionally, on a small

    Words: 891  •  Pages: 4
  • Snows


    Hemingway's "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" is a story about a man and his dying, his relationship to his wife, and his recollections of his life. It is also, more importantly, a story about writing. Through the story of Harry, a dying, decaying writer, Hemingway expresses his own feelings about writing,

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  • So Far From God

    So Far From God

    So far from God This novel is a story of a Chicano family. Sofi, her husband Domingo together with their four daughters вЂ" Esperanza, Fe, Caridad, and Loca live in the little town of Tome, New Mexico. The story focuses on the struggles of Sofi, the death of her daughters

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  • So Much To Tell You

    So Much To Tell You

    'So Much to Tell you' by John Marsden teaches us many lessons. Some of these lessons include Marina's traumatic effects of her injury, friendships and the importance of friendships, socialising with others and her persistence (not giving up hope) and determination. Some of the lessons included is the traumatic effects

    Words: 310  •  Pages: 2
  • Social Barriers

    Social Barriers

    In a perfect world there would be no social barriers. Everybody would get along no matter what their social or financial standing. However, there is no such thing as a perfect world, only a world filled with prejudice and hatred. The theme of Great Expectations shows that social class

    Words: 334  •  Pages: 2
  • Social Diagnosis

    Social Diagnosis

    Social Diagnosis Mary E. Richmond's (1917) scholarly work, Social Diagnosis, is a 511 page comprehensive approach to social work at the beginning of the 20th century. This book provided a systematic framework for social work by formulating questionnaires concerning nearly every aspect of the profession to be used at the

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  • Social Difference In Too Kill A Mockingbird

    Social Difference In Too Kill A Mockingbird

    Social differences have changed incredibly in the last decades. The world has known an evolution that no one could have predicted. Aspects such as racism, social class and individual perception have differed drastically and now represent a modern open-minded world. The multiculturism boost our country and our world has known

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  • Social Learning Theories And Juveniles

    Social Learning Theories And Juveniles

    Running Head: Social Learning Theories and Juveniles Social Learning Theories Relating to Juvenile delinquency Abstract This paper takes a closer look at the social learning’s of society’s subculture that displays delinquent behavior. Using differential association I explain the learned behavior through the social environment such as role models, peer influence,

    Words: 4,501  •  Pages: 19
  • Social Specialization In Plato's Republic

    Social Specialization In Plato's Republic

    Societal Specialization "The result, then, is that more plentiful and better-quality goods are more easily produced if each person does one thing for which he is naturally suited, does it at the right time, and is released from having to do any of the others." By this quote, Plato means

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  • Societies Bounds

    Societies Bounds

    The Zoo Story, a play born from the mind of Edward Albee employs symbolism to breath life into his two main characters. Jerry is a man that is not in desperate need of recognition but instead desires redemption in the form of self-sacrifice. While, Jerry’s new found friend, Peter, is

    Words: 540  •  Pages: 3
  • Sociology Around the World: Marriage in India

    Sociology Around the World: Marriage in India

    SOCIOLOGY AROUND THE WORLD: MARRIAGE IN INDIA Katrina Cox ________________ Abstract The traditional way of marriage in India is for a man and a woman to be arranged. With some customs and rituals going back to the creation of their society, a more modern era also has an influence on

    Words: 1,833  •  Pages: 8
  • Sociology of Education Reflection Paper

    Sociology of Education Reflection Paper

    Jenny Chau Vuong Sociology of Education Reflection Paper 6 The Nation at Risk report is one of the most influential documents in the history of American education. In 1981, the National Committee on Excellence in Education set out to identify the problems in American education system. They stated that the

    Words: 604  •  Pages: 3
  • Socrates and Aquinas

    Socrates and Aquinas

    Throughout this semester, we have discussed many philosophers. With this discussion, we have found that they all have different views on what they think justice is. However, I am only going to be discussing the views of two philosophers. These two philosophers will be Socrates and Aquinas. You will first

    Words: 1,043  •  Pages: 5
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