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Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants

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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about four best friends who go their separate ways for the summer. The only way of communication is through a pair of "magical" pants, which surprisingly fit them all despite their completely different builds. Athletic Bridget heads to Baja, California to a soccer camp where she falls in love with the "off- limits" counselor. Quiet and shy Lena sets out to Greece to visit her grandparents. Flamboyant Carmen departs to Charleston, South Carolina to see her divorced dad although there are a few additions to the family like a step-mom and two perfect step- siblings. Rebellious Tibby is stuck at home working at the local pharmacy, Wallman's and caring for her brothers and sisters while her mother works. During that summer the four girls experience new sides of themselves. Carmen becomes jealous of her new family and although they are nice to her she just can't see her dad with another woman besides her mom. Tibby befriends a twelve-year-old girl named Bailey who is dying of leukemia and her soft side comes out. For the first time Lena falls in love with a boy who makes her not so quiet and shy anymore. And lastly, Bridget tries to intrigue her new crush with her impressive soccer skills. At the end of the summer when the girls are reunited they wrote down all of their experiences from the summer on the pair of jeans that they had passed around by mail. The symbols and writing on the pants represents how they were feeling, the places they went, and the weather at the places. The pants also say "Bailey was here" because she tried them on about a month before she died in the hospital. Over all they represent the bond between



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