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Sniper Vs. The Tell Tale Heart

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The Sniper vs. The Tell-Tale Heart

Although the stories "The Sniper" and "The Tell Tale Heart" have comparable things in them, they are still different. In this paper I will show the comparisons and the contrasts of both stories. I'll explain these in the setting, the method of how the main character killed, and the feelings and emotions both of them had.

In the setting, I found one contrast and two similar comparisons. The one difference is that in the "Sniper," he is on the roof top of a building and in the story "Tell- Tale Heart," they were in a house. More of the time was spent in the bedroom where the murder happened. Both seemed to be in different time periods in history. The two things I found in common were the time of day and how silent it was. In both stories they take place during the dead of night. Most of the story was quiet and silent, besides for the narrated thoughts of both men.

The authors of the stories had very different ways to show how the main characters killed their target. In the "Sniper," he had a well thought out plan which involved fooling his enemy with a hat hanging over the side of the roof pretending he was dead. He then used his pistol to shoot and kill his enemy. In the "Tell-Tale Heart," his method of murder was twisted and sick. After going mad over the old man's Evil Eye, he became so enraged and crazy that the flipped over the bed and suffocated the man. Once he was dead, he dismembered the corpse. He cut off the head and the arms and the legs. There were no stains or blood spots. He said, "A tub had caught all--ha! ha!" His way of murder was more disturbing than the killing in the "Sniper." One thing in common about the murders was the patience of both men. The sniper waited patiently for numerous hours on-top that roof motionless, waiting for the perfect time to make the kill. The man in the "Tell-Tale Heart" waited patiently for very long he said. Still, barely breathing he stood there waiting for the old man



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