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The Outsiders Themes

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The Outsiders is a story about gangs, violence, friendship, death, loss and unfairness which has a large effect on a group of troubled teenagers (the greasers). Through out the novel we experience how each greaser rely on each member and also the friendship and the love they have for each other. This proves they are all and one.

Gangs and Violence

Johnny is the gangs pet. At home he is abused by his parents and often says he wants to kill himself like the time he says to Ponyboy "I can't take much more of this I'm gonna kill myself or something". One time Johnny got jumped by a group of five Socs. Socs are a wealthy gang who hate the Greasers who are much inferior to the Socs. Johnny was then scarred on his face for the rest of his life. Johnny remained jumpy and scared until he and Ponyboy were attacked By Bob and about four other socs were Johnny stabbed Bob. Johnny and Ponyboy were now on the run from the cops and all they wanted to be was an outsider.

Death, Loss and Unfairness

Ponyboy lost both his friends Johnny and Dally all in one night they were both too young to die and both despised by their parents who didn't care if they were dead or in jail. Sodapop loses his best friend Mickey Mouse (a horse). Darry has to work all day trying to keep Ponyboy in school "Darry didn't deserve to work like an old man all day when he was only 20". The Curtis brothers all lost their parents in a car accident. Socs are always jumping greaser for no reason. Life is unfair to all the Greasers and they couldn't do much about it.


The Outsiders isn't just about Gangs and Violence it also is about friendship. Ponyboy is best friends with Johnny. They do everything together; they share their feelings with



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