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Social Barriers

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In a perfect world there would be no social barriers. Everybody would get along no matter what their social or financial standing. However, there is no such thing as a perfect world, only a world filled with prejudice and hatred. The theme of Great Expectations shows that social class and an abundance of money are worth less that love, and family.

A high social standing, and money do not provide the necessities of a happy life. Great Expectations shows that people of a high social class are only popular amongst themselves. The reason for this is that to retain their social standing, they are not to have relationships with lower class people. If it is found that they do accept these people as part of society, they are their peers shun them. Likewise, money does not provide a happy future. Money can only buy material possessions. For a truly happy life, one must have healthy relationships, like that of Joe and Biddy. A person with money and no social skills will often become depressed due to their lack of relationships.

Even the poorest person can lead a richer life than the wealthiest man in the world. Happiness comes easy to a happy family that gets along. Money isnЎЇt needed for a fun time either. A poor family can entertain each other with good conversation. Low class people get along with a variety of people. There are no stipulations on who a low-class citizen can talk to, where high-class people have such barriers as peer pressure and spoiled tendencies. Life is much easier socially for a person who is not concerned about what others think of them.

The message that social classes and money are worth less than love, and family is important to remember in every day life. The central theme of Great Expectations is very complex. It sends a good message to readers.



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