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Analysis Of Mark Kleiman

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"Mark A. R. Kleiman is an associate professor of public policy and a research fellow with the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management at the John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Kleiman is the author of Marijuana: Costs of Abuse, Costs of Control (1989) and of Against Excess: Drug Policy and Management Analysis in the criminal division of the U.S. Department of Justice; in 1982- 1983 he was its director, and a member of the National Organized Crime Planning Council. Kleiman advises local governments on drug policy."

"This selection was published in the Wall Street Journal, an influential daily national newspaper primarily for business managers and investors."

In Mark Kleiman's essay, "Confer College by Examination", Kleiman states that he has a grievance with Colleges and Universities. He explains his grievance in the following, "If a student can achieve on his own, and demonstrate to the faculty, knowledge and competence higher than, say, the median of the school's graduating class, why shouldn't he be able to buy a certificate testifying as much?" In the previous statement Kleiman also offers a solution to his grievance, this being a certificate or B.A. by examination. Kleiman continues in listing the supportive arguments for his idea. He also lists the possible arguments for his proposal then counteracts the argument with supportive evidence suggesting that the objections are false.

Early on in his essay Kleiman states that his idea would focus primarily on students who have the capability to demonstrate knowledge and competence higher that the median of a school's graduating class. Meaning that only a select few would benefit from Kleiman's proposal. These people would include only the most intelligent and independent of students. This is due primarily to the fact that people learn by association, and therefore people need to hands



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