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This story is about a boy named Greg "Slam" Harris who loves to play basketball. But one day he has to switch school because his parent couldn't afford for him to be in the school he was so he had to move. He doesn't want to move because all the people that he knows are at the other school even his girlfriend. When he gets to the new school he realizes that it was not so bad; the only thing that he doesn't like is his P.E teacher and his math teacher. One day he decides to join the basketball team, his favorite sport, and finds out that his coach is actually his P.E teacher. He decides to stay even if it means not getting along with his coach. When he makes the tryouts his coach decides to challenge him to a one-on-one, so Slam accepted the challenge. But when the score is 3 to 4 Slam decides to make a slam-dunk on the coach which makes the coach even madder. It makes the coach so mad that he decides to never let Slam in to a single game. When the practice and the whole drama-like situation ends Slam meets his friend Ice outside with Trinity and another girl named Rose. Trinity is Slams girlfriend so he kisses Trinity because he is glad to see her. Ice tells Slam if he wants to hang out with them and he says yes. But Trinity says she needs to go home. On the way to a restaurant where they can chill-out, Rose asks to Ice "Hey can we get Mtisha?" Pg 64, Walter Dean Myer, and Ice says "Yea, just tell me were she leaves and what street"Pg64, Walter Dean Myers. When they get there Mtisha asks Slam if he wants to go to the car to smoke, Slam says no to the smoke and yes to go to the car with her. When they get there, they get in the car windows pulled all the way up and the doors looked and Mtisha gets out a cigarette. While she is smoking she asks Slam questions and he answers to all of them. It takes them a while until they start making-out, they star kissing for about 10 minutes when Ice and Rosa came. Then they stop.



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