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Sunset Project

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In my sunset project I noticed that the sunset times were early and early after each observation.

Oct. 1. 6:29 pm

Oct. 12. 6:18 pm

Oct. 22. 6:07 pm

Oct. 30. 5:58 pm

Nov. 12. 4:48 pm

By this table it is easy to see how much shorter the days become and this is especially true in the winter time. If we did this report in the summer we would notice that the days get longer as the days go by. This happens because as the earth rotates on its axis (23.5 degrees) and it is closer to the sun in the winter months and the position of the northern hemisphere is pointed away from the sun so thin means that the southern hemisphere is closer to the sun so their for it summer time their. Also when the earth is the closest to sun, the earth rotates faster so the days are shorter and we have longer days in the summer. The rotation of earth around the sun is not a circle but an ellipse.

This is the reason why when I noticed the sunset move to the left and down cause of the axis. Not only does the earth rotate on an axis but the sun does as well on a fifthteen degree axis and this is helps with our seasonal patterns.



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