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Interview Project

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My proposal

To: Sam Neil

From: Linda Joseph

Date: July 5, 2010

Subject: Interview Project

Proposed Research Topic: This interview project will provide specific details in regard to Officer Jacque Robert and Smith jonahing will be my second choice. Smith is a police officer for Miami-Dade County. Furthermore, this interview will be conducted by me with several questions relating to my career goals.

Purposes: Elverson (1995) claims that the approach of law enforcement has viewed individuals as "a way to enforce the law" (p. 476). This approach seems particularly well appropriate for criminal justice students to recognize the importance of law-enforcement in the United-States. In this project, I will enquire several questions that relates to what certain police officers do. In particular, I will focus on the influence police officers on society and myself in becoming a law-enforcement in the future. Also the questions will allow me to make a decision whether or not law-enforcement is the right field.

Background: I will conduct my interview with a Miami-Dade County police officer.

Jacque Robert has been with the force for two years. He is a part special unit call TRUE, which is section of the department that controls the black neighbourhood within one geographical section of Miami-Dade. This special team includes five men and two women. Two of the women are in their twenties and one of the men his early 30s. The exam is assigned to an area around over town. My primary focus will be on the answer and I observe (and perhaps enquires about) other activities of their work.

Scope: The Interview took place in the month of June from approximately four hours in Miami-Dade



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