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Project Outline

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Woody 2000 project outline

1.0 Background

The current limitation on production capabilities of the company coupled with the current construction boom in south western VC and trade opportunities brought by free trade south of the border creates avenues for the company to both expand production capabilities and equally to capture the growing opportunities presented by the recent market boom.

The realization of this project will allow not only bring the expansion of production for our niche market but also allow the company to respond to

- Medium to long term growth opportunities

-Improvement in the utilization of our productive assets.

-increase ability to penetrate market

1.1 Project Objectives

1. to increase the size and production capacity of the factory building

-Increase factory space by 25% through construction

2. Deploying and installation new production technology

-Installation of semi -automatic wood processing line

3. Improve on the condition of workplace

-Providing a dust free and air-conditioned paint shop

-renovation of office block

1.2 Implementation Activities

1). Feasibility

This stage has been carried out successfully to ascertain the problems of the factory and also to look at recent construction boom growth opportunities, Request for proposal have been sent out, an vendors were selected to carry out Engineering, construction, procurement and commissioning work.

2). Design

Activities will cover;

-Design work for expansion,

-design work for semi automatic wood process line,

-design of software application,

-design of mechanical equipment

3). Manufacturing & Fabrication

-manufacturing of semi-automatic wood process line

-fabrication of mechanical equipments

-fabrication of steel for construction

4.) Construction

Civil works includes

-Construction of new paint workshop

-rehabilitation of president and EVP offices

5). Installation

Installation work

-mechanical equipments

-Installation of semi automatic- wood process line

-Installation and connection of utilities

- Installation of process line software program

2. Project Stakeholders

Client team Organizations Project role

Musa M Project manager

Miles foster wood process line specifications

Kim Cashman Controller

Ian Leadbetter programmer software


I kontrak EPCC contractor (project manager)

R.Schmers S&P Building and design work Sub-contractor

A.Dent Tinknockers associate mechanical sub- contractors

E.Forgot Piece Meal Corp Equipment suppliers

B.Laeky Classic Cladding



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