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Project Evaluation

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Task Flow Network and Critical Path

The first most critical thing is finding the right location. This begins in January. Next is drawing up the blueprint; ET January, LT February. The recruiting and auditions are the next critical thing; ET January, LT February. The next critical thing is the stage and setup; ET February, LT March. Then is would be the judges; ET March, LT June. The night of the pageant would be June 15.

Risk Assessment

There are a lot of things that could happen during the process of planning a beauty pageant. Not having a broadcasting network to broadcast the show is one of them. This just means that we have to make sure that we have a backup broadcasting network just in case they drop out on us. At any moment one of the finalists can get sick, therefore making the whole crew sick. In this case if girls suddenly get sick we have to make sure that we have at least one or two backup girls to compete instead such as the runner ups. Judges fallout may be another problem we can face. In this case we just need to make sure that we have a couple backup judges. Working around equipment all day could cause the lighting to fall or the stage to collapse. We have to make sure that the people we hire are experienced workers that have done set ups for either fashion shows or beauty pageants before. We also have to make sure they have medical insurance in case there is an onsite accident.



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