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Project Review and Evaluation

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Essay Preview: Project Review and Evaluation

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Zeqi Yang

Professor Jackie Parkison

English 42000

10 December 2018

Final Project Memo

TO: Professor Jackie Parkison

FROM: Zeqi Yang

DATE: November 18, 2018

SUBJECT: Project Review and Evaluation

Our final project is implementing a creative card game called Civil War: When Worlds Collide for American young adults. It is a multi-player card game that involves characters from pop culture and debate. The game is interesting, challenging and education as well; players need to combine their imagination with communication skills to “kill” other players’ characters. It enables participants to practice creative thinking and tight precious social bonding. From brainstorming to the final presentation, our group collaborate well and complete the job successfully.

My teammates and I generated many ideas about a new board game, such as new edition of Mafia, Lego with specific story background and time limit etc.; but we finally denied them and chose Civil War: When Worlds Collide as our performance/product. During the brainstorming process, I first mentioned an absorbing strategy-based board game call Coup, which each player has two character cards and try to kill each other. Then Alan and Alaina pointed out that we could imitate the idea of “assigning players several characters” and make the competition fascinating. In order to come up with a unique and interactive card game, we decided to adopt the debate form plus a voting part. After settling the basic form of our game, we selected over 100 different characters from famous TV shows, cartoons, movies and so on. In the meanwhile, we formulated the instructions based on individual participant or group players together. What is worth mentioning is that in order to provide more enjoyment, we designated the person whose birthdate is closest to April 12th to go first.

Except the group work, our team also has a distinct and effective division of labor. Alan is good at designing and proficient in software; he plays a role as art editor and is responsible for designing the prototype. Alaina has many original ideas and a clear logic, so she is assigned to write down the game introduction and organize the instructions. Also, she would liable for the pre-experiment, meaning inviting her friends to test out our game and checking any better alternatives, if necessary. I had referred to some significant resources associated with board game market and I was willing to finish the marketing report. Yash thought he had satisfying language expression skills so he could address the presentation part. Generally, all of us had a specific job and we were confident to guarantee both quality and quantity.



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