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Problem Analysis Final Project: Implementation And Evaluation Plan

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Essay Preview: Problem Analysis Final Project: Implementation And Evaluation Plan

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Problem Analysis Final Project: Implementation and Evaluation Plan

MGT 350: Critical Thinking: Strategies in Decision Making

Problem Analysis Final Project: Implementation and Evaluation Plan


The problem that learning team B has been analyzing concerns an employee who has been with his organization for 10 years. The employee is considered disabled because he is hearing impaired in both ears. He likes to wander off and speak with coworkers around the building to socialize; disappearing from the department for 30 minutes to an hour each time he leaves. The team has been examining this problem and has decided on what looks to be the best solution, the results of which will be discussed in this paper.

Problem Analysis Part IV вЂ" The Solution

The first possible solution the team found was to track FMLA leave. According to the Department of Labor (2008), medical issues that qualify include maternity leave, serious illness of spouse or immediate family member, adoption or a serious medical health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the employee’s job. FMLA requires covered employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave to eligible employees for certain family and medical reason (pg. 1). According to Vikesland (1996-2006), the date the employee’s FMLA leave begins is after he has used all his paid leave, not the date the employee makes the request. Failure to comply with FMLA or company regulations concerning this type of leave, including providing proper documentation can resort to disciplinary or corrective actions (pg. 2).

The second possible solution the team found was to track performance problems. Most supervisors do not start documenting problems until they are ready to terminate a problem employee. If a supervisor prolongs the process, chances are the supervisor is no longer willing to work towards helping the problem employee improve his performance. This can provide documentation that will serve as justifications for the termination should firing become necessary. Since this employee has gotten away with the wandering behavior to date, just being aware that he is being tracked may be exactly what is needed in order to deter him from wandering off and not fulfilling his job requirements.

The third solution found was to write a new company attendance policy, making sure all involved fully understand its contents and once implemented, stick to the policy. The policy could include requiring a doctor’s excuse if absent more than three days, written warnings if absent a set amount of days within a set amount of time, time off without pay if the written warning does not quell the absences, and finally termination if not corrected within the previous three steps. This way, the company is able to provide documentation for possible termination of an employee who is not following attendance protocol. Proper documentation is crucial to a manager’s success in holding employees accountable for their actions.

The Effectiveness

The supervisor of the employee began tracking performance and break schedules more closely. The employee checks in every morning with the supervisor or manager to begin the day. The employee also is required to check in and out assignments that need to be completed daily to remain in compliance with the company policy. Although this tracking began only a month ago the effectiveness is uncertain at this time. The employee is currently following the new procedure however, he mentioned he did not enjoy being micro-managed.

The employee has also requested a leave of absence for his own medical reasons and has been out of the office for two weeks the last month. He was required to get with human resources with proper paper work to file for FMLA. Since he has



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