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Personal Perspective On Decisions And Expectations

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Essay Preview: Personal Perspective On Decisions And Expectations

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Personal Perspective on Decision to Pursue and

Expectations to Gain from MBA Program

John R. Midfield

University of Washington

Personal Perspective on Decision to Pursue and

Expectations to Gain from MBA Program

There are many different factors, which affect my decision to pursue my MBA at University of Phoenix, such as family expectation, company-paid tuition, better job opportunities, long-term goals and so forth. The most important factor to my decision is job security. I look at job security in terms of individual's work-related experiences and educational achievement. In the company I have been working for, everybody in the IT organization has at least 5 years of experience, and a Bachelor Degree; some even have PhD degrees. The minimum requirement of a Bachelor Degree for a job position is so common in the IT organizations nowadays; I then believe that "common" also means expendable when it comes to layoffs. Therefore, I understand that in order to stay competitive in today job market, I must equip myself with valuable technical as well as managerial skills and higher educational achievement. Pursuing a Master degree is the answer to that and it makes sense for my career in terms of job security and long-term goals. After researching into what different MBA programs from different schools have to offer, I decided to pursue an MBA program at University of Phoenix Online.

Urwin (2006) stated, "There is an increasing demand for these professionals to have managerial, communication and teamworking ability, as well as a range of additional people skills."



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