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Personal Perspective Paper

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Personal Perspective Paper

My family and I came to England seven years ago. My knowledge of English was very

basic but I wanted to continue as an accountant. I attended Cambridge Academy of English (CAE) to improve my language and at the same time I took Computerized Accounting courses teaching Sage Line 50 accounting methods, which is widely used by UK companies. I started looking for a job and struggled to find one. My problem was - a foreign degree and experience. I was overqualified for supermarket employers and without UK qualifications for bookkeeping. As the years pasted by, I decided to join the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) at Cambridge Regional College. Adding a few lines in my resume - wow a position at Cambridge Publishing Management Ltd (CPM) came along.

I enjoy working as a bookkeeper in a small highly skilled book production company. My

company specializes in the complete project management of trade, travel, educational and

vocational titles from manuscript through to final production files ready for the printer.

I have worked with CPM for 4.5 years and realized that I want to be more knowledgeable in

business management. I thought an MBA would be the best choice for developing these skills.

What do you expect to gain from completing your MBA program?

In the same way, my wardrobe is full of clothes and I have nothing to wear, my head is full of thoughts and ideas about CPM, but I do not know a professional way to bring them to life. I want people to value and consider my opinion as an expert asset. I would love to have a professional competence in decision-making and



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