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Personal Perspective

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Tool is an object designed to do a particular kind of work. Nevertheless, not everything that is work comes with a designated tool, or maybe it does. Maybe not all tools are as common as others are, for instance: for a nail, you would use a hammer, and for a screw, you would use a screwdriver. What if you are a student, its after hours, you forgot your syllabus, you have an assignment due, and your only means of communicating is via the internet. On the other hand, maybe you are at your work place and your boss informs you of a project he needs you to complete with your co-worker not only does she have a bad attitude, but she does not communicate efficiently. Nevertheless, upon successful completion you will receive that promotion you have been waiting for. Perhaps you are that person whom always manages to avoid conflict but this time its staring you write in the face and you do not have a clue on what to do. The rEsource, working in learning teams, and problem-based learning are tools that can fix these scenarios. These tools can benefit you throughout your college education, in the workplace, and throughout your life.

REsource is the student online guide for preparation, which is beneficial throughout their education at UOP. REsource allows students to retrieve resources electronically. Through rEsource, a student can view class information such as; course overviews, topics, objectives, assignments and take quizzes. REsource also offers online library services, a center for writing excellence. .

The ability to have all your course information at your access is preparing individual for the real world. In the workforce you may be assigned to a project, you must complete all your given work within a period time or suffer the consequences. With the rEsouce is the exact same thing you are in control of your learning, all the information is there and you must take it and use it so that you are prepared at all times. Your course overview is there to inform you with what you will be covering and what you should expect to receive from each individual class. Then theirs your online syllabus that breaks the class down to a week-by-week basics lets you know what to read when your next assignment is due. Students can no longer use the infamous statements of "I Forgot", or "I didn't know", because it is all there and its there from the beginning it is not updated or edited at anytime.

The ability of having your university library and writing lab brought directly to use is very convient. There is no longer the need to visit the campus library to do research, or stopping by the writing lab to get help with that paper you have been struggling with all week. Library services are available online via your student rEsource center. The center for writing excellence is set up a lot like a physical writing lab. You can submit a paper for proofreading and it will return with feedback on how to improve it. It is all at your fingertips and you do not have to waste time running around campus.

Learning teams plays an extremely large role within your education at the UOP and in every day life. The reason everybody strives so hard to future his or her education is to one day find this great paying job. However, that would be relevant if you do not work well with others. That is when your learning team experience comes into play. Learning teams creates a learning environment in which adults with different learning abilities, attitudes, ideas, and opinions get together and come to agreement on a particular subject or project within a timely manner(The value,par.7,ND).

The conditions necessary to make the learning group work can be the same conditions that become a challenge for the learning team( The value, par.8,ND). When working with adults in a group environment things are liable not to always go smoothly. Their can be conflicts between individuals which is normal when their some many different personalities. Disagreements may occur when it comes to meeting times because everyone has their own livelihood and tentative schedules. The challenge, which all learning



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