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Personal Perspective Paper

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Personal Perspective Paper

The learning approach is different for each person. Each individual also values the tools and resources available for learning differently, depending on the subject or context. As students of the University of Phoenix, we have a variety of tools and resources at our disposal. In this personal perspective paper I will discuss the value having rEsource available throughout the program, the value of learning teams, and the value of problem based learning.

The Value of rEsource

The rEsource course page is very well organized and presents many useful links to a variety of tools for the students' use. Links provide easy access to the e-Book and virtual library which open many research possibilities. This also saves time by utilizing search options for many different books, periodicals and journals. A librarian is also available on-line to ask for assistance. Other rEsource links within the course map direct you to the program curriculum, weekly topics, readings, assignments, and so on. The link for the center of writing excellence is also of considerable service to the student in need of assistance. Personally, I have been out of the academic environment for some time. Using this resource, I can have my papers critiqued by a tutor before final submission. This will improve my writing skills so that I can present my knowledge in a professionally acceptable and organized format. While these rEsource links are very useful, another valuable tool is the use of learning teams.

The Value of Learning Teams

The intention of a learning team is to generate a mutual learning atmosphere in which students from a variety of backgrounds and knowledge can contribute. This provides more ideas and solutions than would be produced by a single student. The environment also creates improved communication skills, higher morale, creative problem solving and even a healthy competitiveness. This drives each team member to higher productivity and a more focused problem solution. Each team member's strengths and experiences can be utilized to divide the workload accordingly in order to efficiently arrive at a creative resolution. Working within a learning team may also hone diplomacy skills when challenges or conflicts arise. This can be a great attribute in the working environment as well.

I also highly value the available support of fellow students who are in the same learning situation. We are all working professionals who have busy personal lives outside of the class room. The knowledge that I am not alone in this predicament is reassuring in itself.




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