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Math Lesson Plan

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Grade Level: 4

Time: 40 minutes

Subject: Math

Topic: Dividing and Multiplying to Find Equivalent Fractions

NY State Learning Standards: Mathematics, Science, and Technology

Standard 1: Analysis, Inquiry, and Design

Ð'* Students will use mathematical analysis and scientific inquiry to seek answers and develop solutions.


Mathematics Textbooks (page 401)



Different colored chalk

Objectives: Students will be able to name and write equivalent fractions by multiplying and dividing.


1. Ask students Ð'- What does equivalent mean?

2. Point out that we have already used fraction strips to show equivalent fractions.

3. Explain that we are now going to use multiplication and division to write equivalent fractions.

4. First, start with multiplication and show an example of how to make an equivalent fraction. Remind students that what we do to the top we must do to the bottom (signal hands upÐ'....hands down)

5. Use one color of chalk to show what you do to the numerator and another color to show what you do to the denominator.

6. Put another example on the board and ask a volunteer to help write an equivalent fraction.

7. Point out that the number we use



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