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Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plans

8:15 Ð'- 8:30: silent reading. Kids read book of their choice. Check homework, whomever doesn't complete homework, put name on the board and they're benched for recess.

8:30 Ð'- 9:00: Read aloud: Please read them the story of Cesar Chavez. Stop and ask questions for comprehension purposes.

9:00 Ð'- 9:30: Writing: Have them write about Cesar Chavez and his life. Ask them to include how he compares with the other great leaders we've studied such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi etcÐ'...

(They may use anything in the class such as word wall, word list to check for correctness)

9:30 Ð'- 10:00: Oral presentations: Ask for volunteers to go up and read their papers. Ask them to please follow the normal format of waiting until everyone's respecting them, use loud, smooth voice, and no putting papers in front of their face.

10:05: recess (if it's rainy day schedule, wait until someone comes in to relieve you for a 5 minute break) otherwise, walk the students out to the yard and recess last until 10:20.

10:25 Ð'- 11:40: Math: Go over homework in the math workbooks. Teachers manuals on top of over-head. Set up overhead and go over problematic areas. (Over-head monitors can assist you with all this) Have students do pages 491, 492 and 493 if already complete can do the next few pages. Please walk around and assist students.

11:45 Ð'- 12:25 lunch: if rainy day schedule, wait for them to relieve you. You will only have 30 minutes from the time they relieve you. Tell students that they can play with the usual games only!

12:30 Ð'- 1:00: art: create a card for family for Easter. Ask Ms. Maggoo or Mr. Cyan where all



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