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Japanese Lesson Plan

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What is the current unit of work/theme/topic?

Daily language and conversation. Weather is today's topic.

What overall aims are you trying to achieve in this unit/theme/topic?

To get the students to talk about the weather both in present tense and in past tense. I am adding various countries to the lesson as well so the students can talk about the weather around the world. I want them to be able to ask various people about the weather.

What are the intended outcomes of the lesson? How does it contribute to the overall aims?

It is intended that the students will be able to work in pairs, asking each other about the weather. They will be able to discuss the weather around the world. Both in present tense and past tense.

How does this relate to the overall language learning needs of the students?

This unit will give them the specific vocabulary necessary to talk about the weather as well as the correct grammatical forms for past and present tense of the relevant adjectives. This will help their ability to hold a daily conversation.


What came before?

Last week, they learnt about asking people how they are. And how to describe how they are feeling. (well, sick, tired etc). We are continuing with the daily conversation unit.

What's coming next?

Next week, they will move onto shopping. They will be required to ask how much something is and to learn the necessary vocabulary for the shopping unit. This continues the theme of daily conversation.


Say whether these apply evenly across the class, or whether there are variations.


The class will easily grasp the question form and be able to answer the required questions. Some will do it better than others as they have a background in Japanese language so I will have to keep an eye on their level of enjoyment as it could get a bit boring for those students.


It is a new topic so all the vocabulary is new but I am keeping the context and use simple so they can easily grasp it and at the end of the lesson be able to ask a Japanese person about the weather.


Identify and specify the MAIN focuses of your lesson

Text/Discourse Type(s): (Real world rather than classroom language)



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