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Imc Plan - a Memory Foam Living Room Chair

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Essay Preview: Imc Plan - a Memory Foam Living Room Chair

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IMC Plan- A Memory Foam Living Room Chair

Student Name: Yu Zhang (300978463)- Part B, D, G

Houze Peng (301009147)- Part A, F

Xiangli Liao (300481169)- Part C, E

Submitted in partial fulfillment of

the requirement for

19W --Marketing Communications (SEC. 001)

School of Business, Centennial College

Toronto, Ontario

Professor’s Name, Professor: Traill, Linda

February 13, 2019


Part A

  • Outline 3 priority features of your product/service and 3 associated customer benefits? (3 marks)

Memory foam chair is known as a sponge chair. Its main raw material is the touch. The foam material includes polyurethane foam, high-elastic foam and high-grade memory foam. The foam mattress is often made of pure cotton. As an auxiliary material, wool mattress can closely match the infinity of the human body. While providing support, it is very soft and elastic, and cushions the movement of the body. Even if it is turned over frequently, it will not affect the partner. comfortable and natural to use.

For the customer benefits

1.The temperature-sensing property of the foam chair, when the foam chair feels the body temperature, the particles on the surface of the foam soften, and the gradually softening particles evenly distribute the pressure-receiving area, thereby eliminating the pressure point and preventing the blood in the human body from being pressed.
2.The foam chair also has the characteristics of buffer decompression, good gas permeability, antibacterial and anti-mite, soft and light, and good resilience.
3.The biggest feature of a foam chair is that it can absorb the weight of the human body. People lying on it feel like floating in the air (10 Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress, 2018

  • What three (3) keywords do you recommend be used on line to find a product/service like this? (3 marks)

We will use comfort, memory and chair as our three keywords. Because these three words are closely related to our products and product characteristics, which will help customers who want these products find us online faster.

  • Help your customer visualize what the product/service would be like (if they owned it by providing a brief enticing/engaging description of the product/service? (3 marks)

The memory foam chair: this amazing material has a unique, very recognizable feel. When you compress it, it clings to your body and provides special stress and support. The material will gradually shape to match the contours of your body, which means the mattress is basically customized to your needs every time you lie down. When you get out of bed, the material will quickly return to its original shape and be ready for the next use. Another feature that can be advantageous in mattress applications is the motion isolation it provides. Motion isolation means that energy transfer from one side of the mattress to the other is very small.

  • Explain 3 reasons as to what sets your product apart vs. similar or competing products/services (3 marks)
  1. The difference between a memory foam chair and a latex chair is the material. chair of two different materials vary greatly in function and appearance. Most memory chair are made of cotton for natural comfort. The latex chair is made of natural rubber and has good elasticity.
  2. If you choose a memory foam chair and a latex chair, it is actual based on your own preferences. Memory chair are actual called "memory cotton chair." It is made of memory foam, also known as a slow-rebound space material, which is extremely sensitive to body temperature.
  3. The Memory chair Memory Foam is an open, viscous material with extremely sensitive temperature perception that shapes the body's contours. There are millions of cells in the memory chair that can change the contours of the body and have great flexibility. Generally, the requirement of the memory chair process is to touch the surface of the memory chair and to feel the softness and elasticity of the cotton. In general, its craft gives a sense of symmetry. Due to the uniqueness of the memory foam, the memory chair features decompression, slow rebound and temperature sensitivity. The memory chair has no reaction force on the human body and can well eliminate the pressure of the human body; the characteristics of the slow rebound can balance the pressure at the contact point between the human body and the chair (Anderson, C. S., & Auer, J., 2017).

Part B

  • What problem/need will your product/service solve/fulfill for the customer if they purchase it? (3 marks)

From the perspective of chair design, first of all, we will highlight the advantages of memory foam, as far as possible to increase the comfort of chairs. Secondly, it is also very important to ensure that the chair has an excellent design to cater to the aesthetics of the target customers. On the other hand, memory foam chair also needs good durability, it needs to withstand the test of time without deformation. At the same time, we will also provide good after-sales service, so that customers have no worries after purchasing products, which will help us establish a good brand image.

  • Outline this customer need as it relates to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Theory and explain the promotional implications of that hierarchy. (3 marks)

According to Maslow's Hierarchy, our product mainly related to esteem needs because our product is not a necessity, they are consumer goods that customers need to pursue a higher quality of life. For the customer group at this level, the basic function is not the most important. Therefore, when we are promoting our product, we will highlight the comfort and appearance of products to attract consumers at this level.

  • Identify who (be specific) influences the decision to buy this actual product/service? (3 marks)

Our products belong to furniture. According to statistics, 94% of household goods and 91% of household goods are made by women( Silverstein, M. J., & Sayre, K., 2015). From this, we can see that women dominate the decision to buy furniture. Therefore, our promoting needs to be more in line with women's tastes. And provide high-quality services, because women are usually more service-oriented than men.



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