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How Does the Internet Affect Developing Minds

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Essay Preview: How Does the Internet Affect Developing Minds

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The internet is like a bedroom, it is a personal space which you can fill with anything you want and spend as much time inside as you want. When using the internet we are shown what we want to see and hear, and can talk to whoever we want while ignoring anyone else. While the internet on it’s own does not actively help develop certain anti-social mindsets, the user base can easily soak themselves in hours worth of content and waste time mindlessly scrolling through torrents of content instead of something more worthwhile. Depending on how it’s used the internet can sometimes be a great way to socialise, but more often than not but it encourages one to seclude themself and cultivate a socially inept mindset.

Social media eats up our time. It will draw in people from all backgrounds and walks of life into the same place to either watch sports or chat about books and everything in between. Online forums and other social media, like Reddit for example, provide people with a means to find like-minded people, while allowing one to ignore others. Sites like Reddit help people find others with interests and hobbies they can relate to. However, it is easy to begin using such websites in unhealthy ways such as spending hours upon hours scrolling through content. As a result of this type of usage many people often end up neglecting real life responsibilities or obligations. The way social media eats up our time is even more apparent for Instagram users, as that app recently received a function that shows how much time one spends on the website daily, and the results are usually higher than most would care to admit. Therefore, social media, even though it can be used healthily, more often than not just tends to eat up time, and when we lack time the easiest and most convenient thing to cut out of our schedule is time directed to friendships.

It is easier to seclude yourself now than it ever has been before. talking with friends is not always



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