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Career As A Web Developer

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Career as a Web Developer Administrator Roosevelt Smith, Jr.

Axia College of University of Phoenix

Table of Contents

Abstract 2

Career as a Web Developer Administrator 3

Web Developer Administrator Career Diagram 5

Education and Certifications 6

Microsoft Certifications 6

Cisco Certifications 7

CompTIA Certifications 7

Career Selection Survey Summary 7

Educational Background Survey Results 8

Employment Status Survey Results 8

Career Selection Survey Results 9

Computer & Software Related Skills Survey Results 10

Field of Interest Survey Results 10

Computer Experience Survey Results 11

Personality Traits Survey Results 12

Willing to Relocate Survey Results 13

Summary of giving a live presentation of this project 14

Instructions on how to enter the job field 14

Conclusion 16

Appendix Examples 17


This research looks at the career of a Web Developer Administrator. It includes the educational and training requirements, possible employment opportunities available with experience level and salary potential. According to the survey, the percentages varied throughout in reference to the surveyors on educational background, employment status, career interests, computer skills, and personality traits.

When students begin inquiring about Internet careers, I ask them what specific Internet careers interest them. The majority of the time the reply is "I want to be a webmaster." The four functional areas that fall under the title of webmaster today include content management, publishing, customer interaction, and systems administration. All these areas offer rewarding careers, depending upon ones interest and skills.

Career as a Web Developer Administrator

This research project discusses the details involved in the following career as a Web Developer Administrator. My previous educational background along with my experience in computer office technology and paramedical technology has given me the various skills needed to excel in a career as a Web Developer Administrator. Some of the specific elements of the career on which I will focus include the educational training requirements, growth, and income potential.

It does not matter what area of web development one enters; we can rest assured of a challenging, creative, and ever-changing career. The web changes daily, requiring the site one is working with to change continually. This also allows one the ability to travel. However, one never becomes bored working in web development and administration.

In researching web development and administration, I plan to gain a better understanding into this career field. A Web Developer Administrator's main responsibilities include setting up, monitoring, upgrading and troubleshooting web servers; maintaining internal and external Internet connections; and programming code for web pages. One also uses various web development tools such as Dreamweaver, Flash, and FrontPage. Photoshop and Illustrator are two of the graphic editing software programs used, while in page layout and design, InDesign and QuarkXPress are used. One must learn a variety of server technology and programming languages such as PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, .NET, JavaScript, Java, and Perl. While technical writing and creativity are important, hypertext markup language and cascading style sheets, or HTML/CSS, is at the heart of web development.

As a Web Developer Administrator, additional training is suggested in network operating systems (NOSs) and database design and development. Growing opportunities in advancement continue as the Internet and business intranets increase in importance. However, this is a complex and changing field that is constantly emerging.

Web Developer Administrator Career Diagram

Most youths consider information technology careers to be difficult, complex, and lack luster. Information technology professionals are more in demand, especially those professionals with business-oriented skills. Web Developer Administrator, Application Developer, IT Security Analysts, IT Forensics, Website Designer, Web Architect, Website Project Manager, Web Server Administrator, Web Content Creator, Web Technical Writer, Web Programmer, and Database Administrators are just some of the position titles available in society today. Most firms today are looking toward IT professionals who are also business oriented to place into management positions.

Average earning potential various per level of employment, and can range up to the mid $60,000 and even higher depending upon experience and educational background.

Education and Certifications

Educational requirements for Web Developer Administrators at minimum require a two or four year college degree and/or training equivalent at a technical or vocational institute. Most advancement will probably require a master's degree and even doctoral degrees if one is pursuing higher management or research positions.

Microsoft Certifications

Certifications aid in job retention and higher salaries. Obtaining certification will set one apart from other candidates in the job market. Here are various certifications



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