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Sports Affect On The Mind

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Don't we all have better things to do than sit around watching TV with racial/ethnic scorecards in hand? Your Sept. 21 editorial "Color TV" would answer "no." What a ridiculously stupid issue for anyone to get upset about. What's next, instituting a quota system for the Sunday comics?

Or perhaps we should decry the lack of racially diverse professional sports mascots. Get real. And to suggest that the entertainment industry has banded together in some sort of grand racist conspiracy in disguise is simply ludicrous. These are not rational arguments.

All editorials like "Color TV" do is fuel the ever-growing plague of ignorant, self-righteous buffoons who erode the meaning of any legitimate racial issues by crying witch at such inappropriate targets as the evening sitcoms.

The feminists screamed bloody murder when Co-Ed Naked shirts came out, they screamed high crime and treason when their little brothers sported Big Johnson t-shirts, and womyn like Christina Koury and Simi Dhawan are now crying around about the t-shirts that Greeks wore to the game last Saturday ("T-shirt degraded women," 9/21/99).

Are women's studies courses not enough? Must rabid feminist wolves now seek a Panhellenic ban on "inappropriate" clothing by members of the Greek system?

As an educated, open-minded woman myself, I feel so utterly disappointed with my gender and its constant and ceaseless reference to the "male chauvinist pig" who devalues womyn by turning his head when he sees a thin girl who takes care of herself and values herself enough to keep in shape.

Why are Koury and Dhawan so "enraged" that men should want thin women? If they are upset with their own physical appearances, they should take to the CCRB. I am hardly a proponent of the official Greek view of women, but these girls need to realize that the t-shirts do not induce bulimia. One in four Ann Arbor girls will not get raped, and seven percent will not suffer anorexia because of a humorous line on a t-shirt. This mentality is typical of the feminist ideology that preaches that the external world has crushed the poor, innocent victim of male torment and torture. How women are single-handedly pushed to eating disorders by the male vision of the perfect woman. The advocates of this absurd ideology should honestly grow up and realize that the world is tired of hearing about the victims of male abuse.

The fact of the matter is, there are certain physical images that are attractive to males of all species, including the Michigan Frat guy. Those Frat guys choose to wear shirts that sport lines quipping about the enormous amount of weight girls put on after coming to school here. If the males of the world wrote an article entitled "Women Want Men for Nothing But Money" they would be laughed out of the arena - even though it is truth that many women swear by. Herein lies the double standard to the male-bashers of the world. They moan and complain at any sight of a man wanting them for anything but "their personality," but will not settle for a mate that can't guarantee



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