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Some Tips For Models - With The Internet In Mind

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Essay Preview: Some Tips For Models - With The Internet In Mind

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Getting started

# Ask yourself if you are serious about modeling.

# Take an honest look at yourself and decide what type of modeling would be best for you.

# Find some books on modeling and/or photography.

# Get some photos taken that you can be proud of and make sure people see them.

# Get some photos scanned and get some web space somewhere. If you have to, use free web servers like Tripod or Geocities.

# Put your portfolio on some of the popular modeling sites, like GlamourModels.

# Visit some modeling message boards and read some posts to learn what you can about modeling.

# Post some messages with some pertinent info and photos.

# Be honest, reliable, and enthusiastic. Go for it!

Safety Tips

# Keep in mind that the internet, by its very nature, is anonymous. This means you need to take a cautious, informed approach to your modeling.

# Never put your full address or phone number on any post in a modeling forum or other public area.

# Be very careful regarding posts and e-mail from anyone with a generic (hotmail, yahoo, etc.) e-mail address.

# Find out as much as you can about those you are considering working with. Ask around.

# Make sure you see examples of their work. And specificly, examples of what they want to use you for.

# Ask for references from other models about those you are considering working with.

# Be certain to get a verifiable home and/or studio phone number, and street address, for anyone you work with. Especially if you are meeting somewhere.

# Be sure you have telephone contact with your potential employer before agreeing to a shoot. Make sure you feel confident about what you're doing and who you're meeting. If there's doubt in your mind, check into things further or do not agree to the shoot.

# Be very clear about what kind of work you are looking for, and what kind of work you will not accept.

# Make sure that someone knows where you are during and after any shoots.

# Never travel on a shoestring and have a back-up plan if things don't work out exactly as planned. There could come a time where you have to pay for your own food, hotel and trip back home.

# Do not respond to rude emails, doing so will just invite further responses.

Internet Jobs - Some tips on how to get more modeling work from the internet

# The many online Modeling Forums and Message Boards are a great way to learn more about the world of modeling and also a great way to let



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