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Emergency Plan Assignment

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Emergency Plan Assignment

HOSP 460

Jenn Houtby-Ferguson

November 9, 2018


Having emergency planning is an important part of hospitality operation, hotel need to be well prepared for any unexpected. This report is going to analyze potential risks for Cox Bay Beach Resort and Tofino, discuss benefits and risks of creating the emergency plan, and create an emergency plan for the hotel.

Tofino is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island in the Canadian province of British Columbia. According to the Prepared BC (2015), B.C west coast is defined as a high-risk earthquake region because tectonic plates on the earth’s surface and ocean floor are moving apart and colliding in this region. (Prepared BC, 2015). Tsunamis can be associated with earthquakes as well. Prepared BC (2015) also claimed that “Beaches open to the ocean is especially vulnerable to tsunamis.” What’s more, small earthquakes could happen in daily, and potentially damaging earthquakes could happen in decades in west coast of Vancouver Island (Dangerield, 2018). These means Tofino have high-risk earthquake and tsunamis since Tofino located in the west coast and it is a popular tourist destination for beach and water activities.

Next, this report is going to discuss the benefits and risk of creating an emergency plan. First, use emergency plan to handle disasters can mitigate the damage to property and damage (Pritchard, n.d.). When disasters strike at the hotel, employees could react quickly to help customers escape the dangerous situation. Which also means emergency plan helps minimize human suffering and economic losses. Second, the process of planning could bring to light deficiencies, like lakes of supplies, equipment, and items could be rectified before emergency occurs. However, there still have risk of the emergency plan. Planning is estimating about future based on forecasts, and the anticipated situation may change due to the uncertainty of future (Juneja, n.d.). Therefore, hotel have to realize every situation is unique, the analysis should be made according to the particular circumstance.

Prepare emergency plan for people with special needs is also crucial for hotel property. Emergency may create extra challenges for people who with special needs.

  1. Hotel first identify the number of disabled customers and where they will be in the hotel.
  2. Cox Bay Beach Resort design an assistance group which is composed of one front desk employee, two housekeeping employees and two security employees. And this assistance group is responsible for people with special need during an emergency.
  3. Cox Bay Beach Resort prepare stair-descent devices and the wheelchair carry for people with mobility impairment, and one of assistance group member offer assistance if guest need it.
  4. One assistance group member assist person with a visual impairment.
  5. Customers with hearing and speech impairments, emergency group member prepare pencil and paper for them, and write the situation on the paper to make sure customers know the situation, and read and follow standard exit and directional signs.
  6. Cox Bay Beach Resort prepare special emergency kit for disable people, which including hearing aids, breathing apparatus, blood glucose monitoring device, supply of medications and vitamin supplements.
  7. Cox Bay Beach Resort prepare pets’ first aid kit, bottled water and pet food customers who have pet or service animal.

Cox Bay Beach Resort Emergency Plan




Level of Impact

Potential Impact




-Economic Losses

-Human Suffering

-Damage to city Infrastructures




-Economic Losses

-Human Suffering

-Damage to city Infrastructures

Hotel Power Outage



-No light / no electricity in the resort.

-No charge for phone

-Resort hard to organize in dark environment.

-Food safe issue, fridge/freezer may not work.

Food and beverage department service may close.



Hotel may lacks of food and water for customers and employee.

Resort Building Damage



-Resort could be become a dangerous place for people stay.

- Customers and stuff could get injured if they stay in an unsafe place.

Resort Economic Losses



  • It takes money and time to recover building and equipments.


Full Name

Team Position



Frank, Franklin

Primary Team Leader


Scott, Saffran

Customer Coordinator


Oliva, Li

Media Coordinator


Tony, Pribble

Security Support




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