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  • Homiletics


    Introduction Homiletics is an inherently diverse and yet highly synthetic discipline. This is a poorly veiled way of saying that homiletics borrows from and benefits from a great many disciplines, theological and otherwise, in addition to having its own particular history, as well as dedicated theoretical and theological bases. This

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  • Homosexuality


    Homosexuality Topic: The first topic discussed was about the Church's view on homosexuality. Pro: The first argument for why homosexuality should be accepted in the Catholic Church is that we are taught that God put us on Earth to be in relationship. So who is to say that two

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  • Homosexuality And Religion

    Homosexuality And Religion

    Opposition to gay marriage has increased since the summer and a narrow majority of Americans also oppose allowing gays and lesbians to enter legal agreements that fall short of marriage. Moreover, despite the overall rise in tolerance toward gays since the 1980s, many Americans remain highly critical of homosexuals ­

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  • Homosexuality And Religion

    Homosexuality And Religion

    пÑ"? The beliefs of many North Americans about the nature of homosexuality, fall into one of two patterns called "conservative" and "liberal" in the table below. Because of space limitations, some of the descriptions are necessarily very brief, and lack depth. Conservative Liberal Generally held by: NARTH the National Association

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  • Homosexuality In The Bible

    Homosexuality In The Bible

    Throughout my life, I have been taught by my family and my religion to be an open-minded, accepting person with the capacity for empathy and understanding. With that background, With that background, I have never had any difficulty accepting homosexuals as who they are human beings born with a

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  • Homosexuality In The Bible

    Homosexuality In The Bible

    Today, many people throughout the United States have been taught by their family and/or religion to be open-minded, and accepting, with the capacity for empathy and understanding. With that background, some never have any difficulty accepting homosexuals for who they are- human beings born with a different sexual orientation than

    Words: 2,404  •  Pages: 10
  • Hot And Throbbing The Play -- Summary

    Hot And Throbbing The Play -- Summary

    As I sat in the audience conversing with others, the play started…surprising to everyone. But before it began, the music was setting the mood of the room. Enter the “DJ” and “Dancer”. They’re located on opposite ends of the room. In between is the setting of a family room. I

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  • How A Christian Couple Would Apply These Beliefs In Their Married Life

    How A Christian Couple Would Apply These Beliefs In Their Married Life

    A Christian couple would most likely apply their beliefs with an everlasting marriage, one that stays strong and provides a welcoming foundation for a family. The family is not merely an invention of society, but an institution founded by God himself. The family is God's agency for populating the earth

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  • How Can We Practice Dominican Spirituality?

    How Can We Practice Dominican Spirituality?

    How can we practice Dominican spirituality? We can practice the Dominican spirituality by applying the four pillars of the Dominican order in our lives. The first pillar is the Prayer. Prayer opens us more fully to the indwelling of the Spirit, enabling us to better follow God's designs. Making prayer

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  • How Important Is Religion Today Compared To Science?

    How Important Is Religion Today Compared To Science?

    How important is religion today in comapared to science? 'We need religion but really it's just something to calm us down. Like music' Nowadays, as soon as the smoothening word 'religion' is uttered people conjure images calculating created by the media, often this is associated with injustice, discrimination and distortion:

    Words: 1,607  •  Pages: 7
  • How Islamic Perceptions Of Hell Differ From Christianity And Judaism

    How Islamic Perceptions Of Hell Differ From Christianity And Judaism

    Islamic perceptions of Heaven and Hell differ from those of Christianity and Judaism through their beliefs, their visions of what the two are like, and how one gets there. In the Islamic religion, people believe they will go to an afterlife known as Jannah. They believe there is no

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  • How The Gods Of Antiquity Were Used To Explain Creation

    How The Gods Of Antiquity Were Used To Explain Creation

    For thousands of years now, there have been countless myths passed down by word of mouth. These myths try to make sense of the unexplainable and the unknown. Gods of antiquity, from the myths of ancient societies, have provided ways for people to explain vague situations throughout history. Each

    Words: 1,327  •  Pages: 6
  • How To Be Save

    How To Be Save

    Many people say they are a Christian but do they know what it really means to be a Christian? Christian means to be Christ like. If you read in the bible we know that Christ was sin free. I am going to tell you how to live a life like

    Words: 542  •  Pages: 3
  • How Would You Respond to the Claim That the Old Testament Is Misogynistic and Demeaning to Women?

    How Would You Respond to the Claim That the Old Testament Is Misogynistic and Demeaning to Women?

    How would you respond to the claim that the Old Testament is misogynistic and demeaning to women? I don’t believe the OT is misogynistic or demeaning to women. However to convince other’s, we first we need to know what misogynist is, and how it intertwine, with the Bible. Webster defines

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  • Human Resource Analysis - Incarnational Ministry

    Human Resource Analysis - Incarnational Ministry

    Human Resource Analysis Introduction This paper is an examination of a Case Study entitled “Incarnational Ministry,” comprised of an introduction, three sections, and closing recommendations. The three-part analysis will examine the structure, human resource, and symbolic/cultural investigations to fit the recommendations for resolution of any cited conflicts revealed through the

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  • Humanus Genus Encyclical

    Humanus Genus Encyclical

    This particular encyclical by Pope Leo XIII warns of one of the greatest social problems of the late 1800's and of today - the neglect in which Christian virtues are observed. Two very distinct and opposite parts encompass mankind. The first represents truth and virtue, (God's earthly kingdom) the other

    Words: 1,747  •  Pages: 7
  • I Am A Monk, Hear Me Whimper?

    I Am A Monk, Hear Me Whimper?

    Steve Faber November 5, 2007 Buddhism Movie Paper I am a monk: Hear me whimper? What is it to be a monk? Are monks holier than the lay people who surround them? Do they possess a special spark that makes them inclined to be monks? Neither of the latter is

    Words: 1,124  •  Pages: 5
  • If God Is Good

    If God Is Good

    If God truly intended the world to be a perfect place why did he allow Satan to enter it? Why would a loving God allow something so evil to come and tarnish what he made beautiful? If God knows the future; he knew that Adam and Eve would inevitably eat

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  • Iglesia Ni Cristo

    Iglesia Ni Cristo

    Iglesia ni Cristo Iglesia ni Cristo's first chapelThe Iglesia ni Cristo (also known as INC or Iglesya ni Kristo; Filipino for Church of Christ) is an independent religious organization which originated in the Philippines. The INC was incorporated in the Philippines by Felix Manalo on July 27, 1914; The church

    Words: 2,147  •  Pages: 9
  • Illuminati Theory

    Illuminati Theory

    There have been several different times that people have claimed they were "the chosen ones", or glorious to the point of worship. One such group of people were the Illuminati. The conspiracy of the Illuminati's existence was widespread in the late 18th century. Gossip spread throughout history and, to this

    Words: 2,362  •  Pages: 10
  • Implications Of Omnipotence

    Implications Of Omnipotence

    Implications of Omnipotence The concept of omnipotence seems to reign prominent among most religions, specifically among their myths articulating the origin and the inevitable destruction of our universe. Omnipotence, meaning all-powerful/perfect and predictably all good, produces many contradictions and questions merely by definition. The prospect of a life form being

    Words: 475  •  Pages: 2
  • Importance Of Lent

    Importance Of Lent

    The cultural group that I feel I belong to is the Catholic religion. My mother and grandmother raised me as a Catholic and I regularly attended Sunday church until I graduated from high school. I no longer attend church on a regular basis, but I do go to church on

    Words: 1,288  •  Pages: 6
  • Importance of Relgion

    Importance of Relgion

    There are many reasons why a soldier should follow all of the orders they are given because every one of them is important in any circumstance. An order is a task given to a soldier that has to be done in a certain period of time in an efficient manner.

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  • In All Truth (Study About Religion)

    In All Truth (Study About Religion)

    That night was as beautiful as I would have thought it could ever be. The air was thin and wintry already, as if the day was tired and had gone off to sleep too early, and everything smelled very pretty, like sweet peas as we three girls drove along with

    Words: 299  •  Pages: 2
  • In His Light

    IN HIS LIGHT Inside our spirits is love defined Our hearts on course to be refined; But on our knees we find the King, And from our hearts we joyfully sing The praises of our God Most High Into His grace where we draw nigh. From within the heavens a

    Words: 316  •  Pages: 2
  • Indian Dances

    Indian Dances

    Indian dances India shows a variety of dances which can be seen in various parts of the country. These dances are performed differently and are an important aspect in Indian dance because they bring the past in the present by telling us about ancient Indian history. Besides entertainment these

    Words: 1,041  •  Pages: 5
  • Indus Valley Lecture

    Indus Valley Lecture

    Indus Valley Lecture * First, the introductory speaker spent about 10 minutes introducing professor kenoyer with a variety of useless information * Changing perspectives on regional origins * Originally thought to be result of diffusion from the west * Most scholars have debunked theory of migration from Mesopotamia * All

    Words: 525  •  Pages: 3
  • Infancy Gospel Of Thomas

    Infancy Gospel Of Thomas

    Infancy Gospel of Thomas The following translation is based on the Greek text printed in Ronald F. Hock's The Infancy Gospels of James and Thomas. The text is a slightly modified version of Tischendorf A. Chapters and verses are divided as in the "Scholars Version" translation. Chapter 1 (1) I,

    Words: 3,341  •  Pages: 14
  • Inherit The Wind

    Inherit The Wind

    The Truth about Stanley Kramer's Inherit the Wind History is consistently used in films as a technique to teach the values and morals of events that occurred. But what's the point in teaching history through films when they are terribly fictional? In films, the director finds the best scheme to

    Words: 905  •  Pages: 4
  • Input Inverse

    Input Inverse

    Procedure 1.Fill up a truth table of the 2’s complement generator. Input Inverse 2’s complement =Inverse +1 F0 F1 F2 F3 F4 00000 11111 0 0 0 0 0 00001 11110 1 1 1 1 1 00010 11101 1 1 1 1 0 00011 11100 1 1 1 0 1

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